Weekly Message July 2nd- July 9th

We enter a new week, with a new month just beginning. This waning moon with the onset of a fresh start brings about a veil of clarity, as we begin to see what we must do for ourselves to truly THRIVE. When we need to let things go, we must know what to let go of, first. This process is so sacred! The week is laced with lessons and spiritual growth, as we deal with conflicts- whether it be those of past life, past trauma, communication with others, or even within ourselves. Welcome these things with open hands, an open mind, and an open heart. Never stray too far from knowing that our divine is always at work within us! Tune in!

“The infinite space that we are made of is who we are. Our powers as spiritual beings are limitless! This week, may we work through all the things required for our expansion. May we align with our Higher self to hear and see what is best for our journey. May we find grounding when we drift from the comfort and truth that all is divinely ordered when we choose to be guided by our Highest.”

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Set with intent, for all who shall receive, it is a message or purity and truth, from The Universe to You. Go inside, and receive.

Made with Square InstaPicSelenite: Spiritual awakening. Feel the aura-cleansing energy of selenite, as it opens the crown to connect us to our spiritual essence. This week, we are going to be diving deeper into our soul realm, where we find the answers to many of our physical questions. We are called to find the meaning and connection to all messages that we intercept, as they are medicine to our ailments, physically and spiritually.  This card reminds us to stay in the flow of our “I Am” as we travel through the shifts of each day. When you feel yourself attracting energy that does not serve your light, then you acknowledge your awareness, and then adjust as needed. If you experience any physical symptoms that seem to knock you off balance this week, then use this as an opportunity to better understand where this is rooted. Be your guide. Listen to yourself and heal according to the direction of your soul.

Made with Square InstaPicPyromorphite: Patience. The sweet message of patience is always a good reminder to up our trust in self and universe. If you are pushed to live in your patience this week, then remember it is for perfect reason. The crystal medicine of pyromorphite helps us with our self-esteem, assertiveness, and our intuition. As you flow with the days, remember that all respect, trust, and love must flow from within, before anything else. Even when we are manifesting our experience, there is patience required. When we learn to trust our process and power, patience becomes our nature.

Made with Square InstaPicHerkimer Diamond: Dreams. Aligning with the theme of self-trust and self-growth, the herkimer diamond card encourages us to tap into the magic of our messages when we sleep. Dreams not only tell is things about our experience, but they also help us clear the way of old trauma and energy. Sometimes dreams do not offer clear messages, so we are then urged to ask and seek clarity, from our own Source to find out what we must do next. In addition to our dream state, this message also speaks to our manifesting. This week open the way for your own mind to hone in on what it is you desire. Use your dreams, goals, passions, and purpose as ammunition for your mind’s creative eye!

Made with Square InstaPicAncient Wisdom Crystal. This powerful crystal card connects with all energy centers in our aura, drawing us near to the infinite wisdom of our universe. If you have any type of quartz crystal, then you can use it to tap into this energy by sitting with it and asking to receive the wisdom that is for you. Throughout the week, tune into your heart space, and feel yourself becoming one with the ancient wisdom you already possess! Instead of questioning yourself, or seeking answers from others so quickly, try to allow your soul to guide you. Listen closely and receive what you will.

Made with Square InstaPicSoul Connection Crystal: Lovers. Another master teacher card that evokes the energy of loving unions. Usually a smoky quartz or clear quartz, this soul connection crystal brings healing to all chakras and reminds us to become one with self, first. If you’ve been awaiting a soul mate connection, then allow this energy to flow into your heart right now. Remember that the space you are in will bring that same energy into your life, so if you are manifesting a lover, then think about what you need to heal from to become completely open for it. Trust that divine timing is always at work!

The message of healing deeper wounds also comes this week, if we are already in union with our divine love. Be open to receiving the healing that your union may bring. There will be profound insights and movements within your sacred union. Tune into your wholeness and remember the infinite source within.

Made with Square InstaPicAquamarine: Communication. Connecting the heart and throat chakras, the aquamarine card brings healing to the feminine flow of peace and serenity. The angels are with us, letting us know that we can communicate clearly when we are emotionally balanced. As the week passes, remember to always remain rooted in your truth, and to ask for support in self-expression, if that is what you need. There may be situations that arrive which will call you to have to communicate with someone else on a level that requires deep wisdom and self-discipline. Don’t forget all that you are, and all that you have been working on if a situation shakes you a bit. Use your tools, your inner wisdom, and move on with clear communication.

Made with Square InstaPicHematite: Grounding. One of the most important tools for self is grounding. Connecting with our root chakra, hematite stabilizes our foundation, bringing forth purification and connection to the center of the earth. The angels are also telling us to prepare for whatever it is that you have been creating with your mind, by staying present. If balance is lacking for you, then recognize the areas in your life that could use more harmony. This energy is especially important for manifestation work. For things to come to pass, we must remain balanced and open to receive. If you feel yourself leaving your divine realm, pull yourself back to center, and ground.

Remember the themes for the week and use them to tune with your own intuition! Allow the healing energy that you possess to carry you, and use the messages as sweet reminders, if needed.

Peace, Harmony, Grounding, Love, Dreams, Communication, Patience, and Spiritual Awakening to you.

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Cards pulled from Rachelle Charman’s “The Healing Oracle” Crystal Deck

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