Affirmations for the 5-Planet Retrograde, Full Moon & Waning Gibbous

In case you missed the astrological memo, we are experiencing retrograde with five different planets! Thanks, Pluto, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune. We honor the gifts of the shifts!

What might that mean to a soul on their journey of growth and healing?

Some say it feels like chaos, but if you are spiritually grounded, then the tugs and pulls of our planets can feel a little more “manageable,” for absence of a better term. I’m not saying that there will not be things happening for you, but, sometimes, it just feels better when we have even the slightest understanding of what-in-the-universe is going on!

Of course, the things that the universe dredges up within us are all for a reason, and not to be managed, but explored and mastered.

The five planets in retrograde right now could mean something different for each person, especially taking into consideration one’s birth month, but there are some specific energies that they all bring when they are moving backwards. I will leave those details up to the astrologists, and a few great sites for the in-depth information will be listed at the end of this article.

For here, and now, I have created some affirmations to help us through the powerful, sometimes chaotic and confusing times of retrograde. I have found that affirmations always carry me through tough times. They are easy, they require minimal energy, and they elevate my spirit when I really listen to what it is I am saying.

These affirmations are simple tools to help us refocus our energy when we forget that we are spiritual beings living a human experience. You can use them as building blocks to create your own, in fact, I always suggest this!

If you are especially in-tune with the spiritual atmosphere and how it affects your own self, then these affirmations can really help with alignment. Affirmations work best when spoken consistently, and repeatedly, so that we can become one with them. Truly believe them, if they speak to you! It is helpful to write them, say them, or meditate with them on rotation in your mind.

Here are some to start us off! P.S. I love to post affirmations based on energy readings over on our Instagram page, so go give us follow! We follow back, so don’t be shy. 🙂 


Affirm, and raise your frequency.

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Mars retrograde ends August 27th


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Neptune retrograde ends November 24th 



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Pluto retrograde ends September 30th 
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Saturn Retrograde ends September 6th 


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Jupiter Retrograde ends July 10th 
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The energy of the full moon will be with us for a few days, but it is strongest today, June 28th. 


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The waning gibbous will begin tomorrow, June 29th, as she begins her journey to something new. The waning gibbous phase will last until July 6th, so these affirmations can be used and fine-tuned up until then. 



Alright, I am off to rest, relax, and be still under all this energy! If you are accustomed to doing big rituals during full moons, then take special notice this time around. With everything happening in our galaxies (within us and beyond), now is a good time to just…be. Take it easy,

Reflect with self. Grow, and get your harvest. 


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Online Sites & sources for astrology news, shifts, and meanings:–meanings.html


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