Weekly Message 6/25-7/2

Welcome to a new day, a fresh week, and another opportunity to express our gratitude for the journey! I’ve been called to begin sharing some of my runes recently, so this week’s message is a special treat! Runes are another divination tool that are said to have been used by the ancient shamans of Germanic and Scandanavian tribes. The symbols were carved into wood or stone as protective tools and messages for insight.


Turn on your intuition, and receive.

“May this weekly message be one of power, clarity, wisdom, and encouragement for all who seek. Receive.”

This week will be one of completion, self-mastery, transmutation, awareness, & growth. 

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Inguz: Completion, balance, release, harvest time. 

This week, give thought to your own completion. What has come full circle for you? What things have you previously released that have lead to your freedom? Know that during this powerful time of conscious shift and enlightenment, many will enter into their season of completion and harvest. If you have been in some kind of a personal drought, then know that it is coming to an end. We are entering a time of harvest. Pay attention this week to your fruits of harvest showing up. It is also important to find your own balance in productivity with whatever you are manifesting. Too much control can set your progress back a bit, and wavering faith in your vision can too. Balance. Trust that your spiritual harvest is now here.


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Nauthiz: Constraint, need for restraint, access to self-inflicted limitations. 

This rune sends us the message of introspection. This week, be especially in tune with your needs and the limitations that you or others place on you. It can also be helpful to explore your responsibilities. What can you re-evaluate? What can be fine-tuned? What no longer serves this part of your growth? There could also be situations that will call you to think first, recenter, and then proceed before speaking or doing.


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Ansuz: The Messenger Rune. Self-awareness, spiritual growth, justice, leader. 

The Messenger Rune reminds us tap into our intuitive powers more, so that we can develop an awareness of what is to come. This rune also reveals to us our own progress. This week, give energy to your growth, and dive into the areas that help you connect to your Source. Know that Universe, Creator, Ancestors, and Guides are not only with you, but they are a part of you. Inside of you. There will be many messages this week being sent your way, so stay present and aware. Receive them, and give thanks for them! These messages help us grow, provide us with protection, and give us the answers that we seek. Open up and get ready.

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Hagalaz: Chaos, learning life lessons, awakening, transformation  & transmutation

Sweet challenge, thank you for fertilizing my soil! If there is resistance or challenge coming your way this week, then position your spirit to navigate it a bit different than you may usually do so. If you’ve been working on releasing old habits that aren’t in alignment with your Highest self, then you may be tested this week. Between the waxing moon, and quite a few planets in retrograde, obstacles are bound to show up here or there. It is our job, however, to see these little road bumps as opportunities for transformation! Let there always be a lesson learned when you come through a struggle of any kind. You can do it! All the self-work and awareness has paid off, because you will begin to see how your highest guides you in the direction of all things divine. Keep going, Self-Master.

Peace, completion, and harvest to you.

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