Weekly Message 6/18-6/25

Peace + Purpose! In alignemnt with our Purpose and Prosperity Challenge, I have a special weekly message that has been set with the intent of speaking to our journey of soul purpose! With the increasing energy of the waxing moon, we are called to grow ourselves and our special gifts, daily. If you have been tuned into your spirit, then you may be feeling the warm flares of creativity, passion, and the shift to the your next level up.

“I clear this space, right here and right now, of any negative or stagnant energy that does not serve my highest. May this reading, and the delivery of the messages, be clear, whole, and serving of to all who seek.”

“Let hope, spiritual strength, and courage pull you through to your space of JOY and ABUNDANCE in your purpose. Be open to receiving the help you need, this week.”


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The Stars~ Hope. We’ve drawn the message of hope as we navigate the energies of the week. Thinking about purpose and prosperity, recognize the areas that could use some more positive energy. What things can you visualize and give more thought to for them to become reality. If you’ve been sticking to this lifestyle daily, then your next connection is coming this week. Look at where you are right now in your life, and in your journey. Give thanks for your ambition and steadfast faith, because the time is here where your hope will see the fulfillment of its divine work! This message is also for those who are having a hard time keeping their faith in self and in their process. Pick your head, heart, and spirit up, and know that you are the only one who can pull yourself through this time fully. Trust that you have the ability to call for help, and receive it swiftly if you need it! Whatever you need and want, know that it will arrive. Restore and maintain your hope!

Made with Square InstaPicKing of Chalices~The Lord of goodness: The King of chalices card in this deck is a bit different from the typical cups cards. This one corresponds with a “man of medicine,” a guardian, or protector. The protector is one who remains balanced and has the emotional stability to see things with clear visions. Acknowledge and grow your own emotional balance, this week. As you flow through the week, be open to your guides and protective forces. Don’t forget to call on them when you need them to get you through! When we speak of our soul purpose, we must also remember to protect it. As you are given more signs this week about where you will venture next in your career, be sure to protect those visions. This card can also be a positive sign that there will be someone to arrive who will help you with something important to you. Stay in a receptive space. Receive your blessings with an open heart, and never place limits on them.

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Strength. Simple word, energizing message. This card represents our strength in the physical and spiritual realm. Stamina to endure whatever is placed before us. With courage, faith, and the commitment to self, we are more in tune with our purpose. To master our lessons, we must learn our own versions of self-control and self-awareness. Through this process, we are better able to listen to ourselves, and to move in the direction of The Divine. When we speak about purpose, we have to remember that there is a certain level of strength we are all gifted with. Tap into that endless reservoir! We have to be able to stay true to our own path, regardless of what others may say or think about us. Be confident in your strength this week. Continue to make notes about your growth, and what is required to maintain your own spiritual stamina.

I decided to draw two cards from my crystal deck so that we can receive an extra word of alignment and encouragement. Look what came up! Courage & joy!

Made with Square InstaPicCourage. Tiger’s eye crystal gives us courageous energy, which will be required more than once in the coming days. It breathes life into our sacral and solar plexus chakras, which are both driving forces in going after our soul purpose.  Corresponding with our “strength” card up there, the message of balance, focus, and will power emerges again. So, this week, you got it. Whatever “it” is to you, trust that you have the resources within to handle it. Draw from your source to get yourself through any obstacles, and use your courage to receive your well-deserved prize.

Joy! (I even had my opal aura quartz crystal out on the table for this, before the card was drawn. Angels are here.) Find, feel, see, and BE joy this week. Allow gratitude to meet your heart, as you give thanks for all that is, and all that will be.  This card brings the message of relaxation. Take time to really enjoy life, and every moment this week. If you are feeling bogged down with daily routines, daily stresses, or any other thoughts that ego allows in, release those things, and find your happiness within again. Every moment may not feel like joy, but when we lighten our loads, our souls, we can truly rest in the joyous feelings that life gives. This card is also a sign that there will be a profound moment of relief in your life this week for something that you have been waiting on. Don’t get caught up in the “when” or “how,” but just remember to find your personal joy whenever you need it most.


So, don’t forget: spiritual stamina, emotional balance, a protector or guide, hope, strength, courage, and joy. Use this energy to carry you through.

Purpose & Prosperity.

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