Purpose + Prosperity Challenge This Week!

Peace & A Love Revolution to You!

We are back with another 7-day challenge just like our 7-day Chakra Challenge a while back! This time, we are diving in head-first to our soul passion and purpose. If you have been working on building your life to be in alignment with your Highest, then this challenge is perfect for you!

Tomorrow, we will begin our 7-day Purpose + Prosperity Challenge over on #TheLoveRevolutionBlog Instagram Page (and if you’re on Facebook, you can follow along there too). Each day, we will be creating affirmations along with other self-healing tidbits that will help us focus on our life purpose. If you have already tapped into your infinitely unique powers and soul purpose, then this challenge will help you to increase your energy and inspire you to allow in the prosperity that you seek! Look below to see what each day of the upcoming week will bring clarity on.



How to Participate:

Follow our @theloverevolutionblog page on IG to receive the daily affirmations. Each day, we will post one affirmation, along with specific instructions for the challenge part. If you are not on Instagram or Facebook, then you can come back here after the challenge dates are up, and gather the content for your own 7-day participation.


Be sure to chime in, comment, like, and share the challenge with anyone who is looking deeper into their soul purpose.

Abundance to You!

The Love Revolution Blog

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