Moon Rituals for Mama’s & Children: Part 1, The New Moon

Alright dad’s, men, and all you male mystics, this one is for the Mama’s, but you can certainly read and implement your own special time with the little ones based on this guide. It really isn’t anything exclusive or special to women, but as a mother myself, and co-creator of The Love Revolution Blog, I just wanted to share some tips for those who have children. This is through the intuitive and nurturing heart of a Mother, so I know that there will be more of a connection with all my Mama Goddesses.

I have broken down some ritual ideas for mothers who indulge in the flow of Motha’ Moon, and each of the ideas are broken down into certain age groups of children. The purpose of this is to get the spirit going, and to help you with your own creative ideas to share with your child-tribe. This encourages self-creation, self-expression, and self-awareness in your child from an early age. It is also special to share something that is near to you, and something that adds value to your life with your seed!

I am a Motha’ who honors the moon, as I have become deeply connected to the way she pulls and pushes me in all of her phases. As you probably know by now, our Moon is the overseer of the divine feminine energies, which is especially important for all things healing and manifesting. When Motha’ Moon rises to a new sign each month, we are provided energies that help us begin new projects, new relationships, and all around new manifestations. Even If I don’t do an extravagant nightly moon ritual, I always take time to acknowledge where I am in my life. I also always use Motha’ Moon’s energy to self-reflect and cleanse the energies in my home. As a mother of two small children, and a lover to my Divine Flame, I always find myself speaking life over them when I am spending time with the moon. I send them healing reiki as I enjoy my moon-time, and now that they are becoming more independent little beings, I am inclined to share age-appropriate knowledge with them about what I do. As a nurturer, and the feminine creator of my home, it is my spiritual duty to pray, uplift, and heal myself and my family. Ever since I began my journey of enlightenment back to self, I have always included my loved ones in my rituals in some shape or form, so here are some ways that you can also integrate your family into your moon magick!

Pregnant and Expecting Mothers:

Congrats Mama! If you are used of doing your moon-time with yourself, but now you have a new (or several new) womb inhabitants, then here are a few new moon ritual tips that you can enjoy!

  • Intentional belly-rubs and affirmations: As you settle down and relax, possibly before you sleep, begin to think about some affirmations & intentions that you would like for yourself, your new life ahead, and your baby! As you begin to think of these things, speak them out loud while rubbing your stomach. Feel the energy that you are giving and given in return. Baby knows, and baby feels you!
  • Light prenatal yoga. If you are new to yoga, it is suggested that you really research and get instruction from a professional while pregnant. Read up on books, watch reputable YouTube channels, try out a local class, before diving in on your own at home. Baby and your health comes first. If you are knowledgeable about yoga, then try some safe, prenatal yoga poses during your wind-down time. A good stretch while thinking of your intentions & what you are thankful for will also do. Easy does it.
  • Create a manifestation journal or picture book for your baby. This can be as elaborate & artistic as you’d like, or it can be as simple and less-tiresome as you’d like. You can gather a pen or pencil, and begin writing out what you want for self, home, family, and baby. You can also create a journal for this to do anytime.
  • Create a “piggy bank” for abundance. Get baby (and one for self, if financial abundance is what you seek) a little coin holder or bank, and each time you spend time in your moon ritual, you can say an affirmation, and drop any amount of money in the bank for baby. Later on, this can be used for whatever you’d like, and you will see the growth as a product of your manifestation!


Newborns (birth to 6 months):

  • Light post-natal yoga or stretching depending on your body’s needs: Again, if you are knowledgeable about yoga, before and after baby, then this is a good one. Take it easy, and spend a little time stretching out your body while you think about your journey. You can also do this with baby nearby in his/her carrier, carriage, swing, etc. Stretching and yoga time is another good way to bond with your baby using physical touch.
  • Crystal play with baby (link here): select a few safe crystals to use with baby, but do not give them to baby. You can wear them on you, set them near you (out of baby’s reach if they are a choking hazard), and draw in the energy while rocking or playing with baby! As with yoga, research what crystals are safe and helpful for baby! There are so many stones that help with temperament, sleep, fear, and much more!
  • Meditation time with baby: You can put baby in carrier, rock baby, or whatever makes you most comfortable & relaxed. Enjoy some quiet time with self and share the good vibes with baby. You can also jut have a specific meditation mantra that you say to baby before he/she goes to sleep- and then have your own time alone!
  • Affirmations out loud with baby: Bath time or playtime on a new moon day/night is perfect for affirmations! You can sing them, say them, and just have fun with it. Baby will be entertained, you get some unique quality time, and you are speaking life over your little one. Win all around.


Infants (6 months 12 months):

  • Play with baby, doing yoga or stretching that is comfortable and safe for both of you. Get some energy out and balanced with baby, as you think about your intentions. This can be done any time during the new moon day and can be used to soothe fussy behaviors.
  • Put on soft meditation music as they go to sleep, and then meditate. Easy. Light music as baby is drifting to sleep, and then go get your own quiet time in!
  • Crystal play with baby. Grab some crystals that are age-appropriate and safe in size for infants. You can use the same method listed above, where you hold and transfer the energy of the crystal to baby, or you can experiment (after properly researching for self) by giving a crystal to your little one to see what they do. Of course, if you do the later one, you must provide an extra-safe space for baby, and never take your eyes off. It really just depends on your level of experience and comfort. As with all, listen to your spirit, and let it be your guide.
  • Affirmations written down & out loud with baby. Write down your affirmations and say a few out loud while you are spending time with baby. Bath time, nap time, and bedtime are good moments to begin this, so that once baby falls asleep, you can then have your recovery time.

Toddlers (12 months- 3 years):

  • Bath time affirmations & aromatherapy. Repeat affirmations for self and your toddler! You can have your toddler repeat the sound, or words, after you. This encourages speech development, keeps the throat chakra healthy, and covers your little one with good intentions.
  • Mommy & infant yoga or stretch time. At this age, your child will be more hands-on and active. Allow your little one to roll around, run around, and stretch it all out while you do the same. This is a perfect before-bed activity if you allow them time and space to get all the energy out.
  • Storytime!Read books with child before bed on a new moon night, and specifically ones that bring forth the energy that you would like to create with them.(“Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Brown “Sweet Moon Baby!” by Karen Clark “Little Bunny Goes to the Moon” by Amelia Gatacre, “Moon Mouse” by Adelaide Holl).
  • Meditation music & crystal play before bed. As always, research the crystals that you will use with your toddler. The younger the age, the better it is to hold the crystals yourself, and send the energy through contact with your child. If your child is accustomed to crystals, then go for it.
  • Take them out to see the night sky! Although the moon won’t be visible in its new phase, you can still enjoy the moon energy with them before bedtime.


Small children (3 years-5 years):

  • Storytime! “Max & The Tag-along Moon” by Floyd Cooper is another great one!Image result for max and the tagalong moon
  • Meditation music & crystal play before bed. Crystal play can be as simple as sitting with your child on the floor, and rubbing the crystal or talking about it with them. Letting them touch, hold, and explore the energy. You can also slip a crystal underneath their pillow when they’ve fallen asleep. Don’t forget to make sure that the crystal is one that helps soothe and is not too stimulating.
  • Bath time affirmations & aromatherapy: Add a few drops of lavender or chamomile to little’s bath time or put some in a diffuser for their sleep space. You can also speak affirmations out loud during this time, and have your child repeat them after you (or make up their own). I share affirmations with my children, but I always make sure that they create and voice their own. At this age, they can seem very silly, but all that matters are that they are using their voice. Remember that it is healthy for them to create their own ideas with their imaginations, even if it makes no sense to us.

Image result for aromatherapy for baby

  • Mommy & Me infant yoga or stretch time before bed. Set aside 10-15 minutes before bed time and stretch or yoga-it-out with your child. Allow them to process their day through the motions of their little bodies. You can get creative during this time and do whatever helps them to calm down.
  • Take them out to see the night sky and speak affirmations with them before bed. I do this when my children are still awake after I’ve told them “goodnight” on a full or new moon night only. Just as the energy of Motha’ Moon affects us, it also affects our children! Children are especially receptive to the moon phases and energies! Take your child out and let them feel the magic of the night with you.
  • Crystal play time. At this age, a safe-sized crystal can be given to your child, under your supervision always, and they can play with it freely. Using larger stones are good, so that they do not become a possible choking hazard. Sometimes I research which crystal may be good for my little ones at the moment, and sometimes, I let them choose.
  • Coloring or drawing time while you write your intentions. This can be done at any time during a new moon day or night. You can have your child color pages, paint, draw, or scribble their own dreams and “intentions”. Allow their creativity to flourish. Allow their confidence to grow.


6 years – 8 years:

  • Storytime! Have your child read books to you about what they love, or about the moon phases. While you prepare for your evening alone, you can sit with your child as they read, or, you can read with them. Enjoying this energy together, with your intentions set, is pretty special.
  • Take them outside for affirmations underneath the day/night sky. At this age, their curiosity is growing. As you open them up to the wonders of our universe, you can also enjoy quality time with them underneath Motha’ Moon’s energy. Now is also a good time to share with them the science of moon phases, if they show an interest.
  • Quiet/Meditation time before bed. Set aside about 10 minutes to meditate with your child or have them meditate alone as they fall asleep.
  • Write your intentions, have your little one write or draw their own. Allow them to be creative in their expression of what they want. It is also a good time to discuss with them the meaning of “intentions,” and what power they possess in making things come to life!
  • Crystal play. Allow your child to pick his/her own crystal, and they can choose to play with it or sleep with it underneath their pillow. You can tell them something about the crystal, for their own knowledge, and have them see how it affects their energy.
  • Yoga or stretching time with soft music. Join your child, show them some stretches, and have them also show you some of their own!

9-12 years:

  • Crystal meditation with child. Allow your child to choose his/her own crystal(s) and set aside 5-10 minutes meditating with them. You can have him/her share with you what they felt through the crystal the next day.

Made with Square InstaPic

  • Yoga or stretching before bed. At this age, your child may want to do this on his/her own. If you begin your yoga time, then they can also begin theirs, even if you all don’t do it together. Whatever works for you.
  • Write intentions & have child create art or write for their intentions. Write out your intentions, preparing them for your personal meditation later, and have your child create his/her own. You an even light a candle, monitored of course, while you all create your intentions for the new moon.
  • Go outside and have affirmation time. Spend some time under Motha’ Moon with your not-so-little one. You all can even meditate, yoga, or do crystal play outdoors if the weather is perfect for you.
  • Aromatherapy for shower or bath time. Add some drops of essential oils (lavender and chamomile for relaxing time) to your child’s room’s diffuser or to their bath/shower. Careful. Research the safe dilutions of oils for your little ones, always (and for yourself).
  • Storytime! Your child can still read to or with you, or they may enjoy reading by himself/herself at this age. That’s perfectly fine. You can even exchange stories during this time that you all make up, or just anything you want to talk about.


For these following age-ranges below, your child may be more or less hands on, depending on how familiar they are with moon magic and rituals. Any of the tips included in the teenagers group can be done with your young adult, or apart from him/her.


Teenagers (13-16) and Young Adults (17 years-20):

  • Light candles & Meditate. Safety first. Be sure that your teen knows to blow the candle out before bed and check just in case- if they are lighting it in their own space. You can share with your teen, or have them read on their own, the different uses of candles/colors during a new moon. Meditate with or at the same time as your teen, for about 15-20 minutes.
  • Smudge. Use your preferred smudging tool (incense, sage, palo santo, reiki, etc) and cleanse your home, including your teen’s room. They carry a lot of energy inside at this age, and much of what is not even their own.
  • Affirmations… written or out loud with teen.
  • Crystal time. Have your teen choose his/her own crystal, meditate with it, create with it, and/or sleep with it. They can also feel and express the energy that the crystal sent them.
  • Set intentions, have teen write or create art for their own intentions.
  • A journal is a good idea for anyone, but especially for the teen. You can purchase a journal for your teen to write his/her manifestations and creative thoughts is for new moons.
  • Yoga or stretching together, or separate.


What is important here, is the intent of you, the Mama, in wanting your child to learn, grow, and maintain their own deep sense of self-awareness. It’s about showing them their own power and keeping them in it until they feel independent enough to travel on their own.

(Also, if you haven’t heard, this new moon is in VOID, which means it is best to set those intentions and do those rituals on Thursday, June 14th after 3:30am. It’s never too late to set aside time with yourself, and your loved ones, regardless of Moths’ Moon’s phase.)

Love, Family, and New Moon Magick to you, Mama’s and ALL!

The Love Revolution Blog (Mama)







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