Weekly Message 6/11-6/18

There’s a mysterious air about this week’s energy. It feels like we are getting ready for something big. It also feels like we can be consumed by restlessness and the creeping thoughts of the unknown, if we do not remain rooted in our spiritual truth.

I will that you take the whispers that are for your journey and leave what is not yours.  Let it be so.

“As we enter another massive energetic shift, we must remain in balance. Honor your cycles, and the cycles of the seasons. Protect self and energy. Return to natural order. Increase powers of intuition. Open up for success & ABUNDANCE.”

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 2 of swords- “The crown of Ptah”…speaks to the areas of protection, tenderness, and friendship. For this week, we are reminded to check in on our relationships and water them as necessary. Whatever this means to you, explore it, and think about the relationships in your life, as well as the space that you are in right now. There may also be areas in your life that could use more protection, possibly with a friendship or close relationship. If you have strayed away from a certain someone, regardless of the reason, and you are getting little messages to reach out to him or her, then do that. Be reminded of your tenderness underneath your protective shell.


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Justice. We have called this card from our energy to deliver the message of balance and order. As we draw within over the next few days leading up to the new moon, Wednesday, June 13th, we will be getting back to our personal balance and order. What this means is, pay attention to the habits, thoughts, and things that allow you to flourish the most. What makes you centered? What makes you connected with your most High? If there are external matters that seem to infringe on your peace, then there is more personal work to do- and that is OK! Be reminded, this week, that there are always consequences for all actions AND thoughts. If someone has wronged you, then release the need for revenge. If you have wronged someone else, then recognize the responsibility to accepting forgiveness, and offering your sincerest apology. Through self-reflection, we will be able to understand what actions to take to restore our personal balance.

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The Chariot: Victory. VICTORY! Receive this healing energy! All of the obstacles that you’ve endured will result in your victory, as long as you remain true to your healing & vision. Trust and believe that all blockages will soon clear for you. As you continue to learn about your true self, why you are here, and what you are supposed to be giving the world around you, then you will begin to see the victory in all that you’ve made it through! Live in your triumph and success, as if it has already arrived. To all the ambitious souls that have been working so hard, but struggle to see the harvest…THE HARVEST IS IN FULL. Sometimes, it can be hard for us to see the fruits of what we’ve sown, but never give up knowing that the rewards are plentiful, and they will never pass us by. Let your ambition be relentless, this week.

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Knave of swords: The Scribe of Ma’at. Correlating closely with our “justice” card up there, this one is here to share the message of full awareness of self and of the intentions of others. I like to say that this is a warning card, sometimes, which encourages us to tap into our intuitions more this week, paying attention to messages that aren’t so clear the first time around. Also, be mindful of people who have lower intentions. There may be someone this week who presents themselves as a helper or host, but they may not have your best interest at heart. It happens. It’s natural to come across energies that oppose your own, but the key here to remember your spiritual tools of protection. There are no threats to those who operate in their Highest, always listening to the lessons and signs. Be mindful, never fear. Always rooted in your love space.

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The Sun: Happiness. Come out of the dark, and into YOUR light. Happiness may not be a constant thing in this human experience, but as spiritual beings, we instinctively know that our happiness comes from within. This card is calling us to tune into our light source that s unique to each of us. We are to let it shine, for us first. The other messages that find us with this card are harmony, clarity, sincerity, faithfulness, and glory. If any of these things are what you have been asking for, then understand that they will arrive whenever you are ready. When we acknowledge our light within, we open the way for total illumination. Never worry about anyone or anything taking advantage of your light. Only know that your light is powerful enough to pierce those who do not appreciate it. It is also a protective force. Set your sight on your soul’s happiness, this week.

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The High Priestess: Science. This sacred card gives us the powerful energy of exploration and knowledge. We all have the ability to seek, know, and understand what our souls are called to find on this journey. Know that knowledge is infinite, and we must always remain in a space of learning. Studying comes with intimate time with self, in solitude. A high priest or priestess spends a lot of time alone to learn more. This card also carries the message of THE INTUITION. If you’ve been following universal message this week, then the intuition is revisiting us. Find the secrets that you seek by opening up, studying, asking, and receiving. Hold your silence and watch what you find this week.

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5 of Chalices: The eye and the Shen. This card came up twice before I drew for the reading, so there is a strong message trying to get across with this one. Tune in. The last card of this weekly message is telling us to remain grounded in protection as we return to our natural order. Also representative of cycles and seasons, the 5 of chalices is calling us to honor our own cycles. Acknowledge the season that you are in, give thanks, and prepare for the next one that is arriving swiftly. Grounding and protection is necessary during seasonal changes, because our bodies are adjusting to the new energies. We may have been thrown into a different environment, previously, as apart of the past seasonal shift, so now is time to return to our natural order. Our Highest. Notice that the theme has arrived twice in this week’s message. This is a powerful sign from our angels and guides that there is yet another BIG transformation underway. Protect yourself by resting when you need, staying in sync with your intuition, and not getting too far from your own balance. Get ready. Give thanks.


In Love & Protection,

The Love Revolution Blog

Cards pulled from “Egyptian Tarot” deck, Artwork by Silvana Alasia

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