Preparing for the week: 5 spirit hacks to keep you prepared & grounded

Just stopping in with some quick spiritual reminders to keep the self centered, aware, and grounded in a sense of preparedness for everything. Regardless of if you operate on the traditional 9-to-5 work week or not, these little spirit-hacks are great for your evening wind-down rituals.

Peace & Enjoy!

1. Set your intention:

Setting intention is truly a part of our power that can be used in any situation. It’s the act of bringing forth your soul’s desire into your present consciousness. It’s like letting the Universe know that you know what you really want to happen. It’s what your energy will create for you. We subconsciously set our intentions daily when we say things like, ” I sure hope this works out for me,” or, “I wish you well.” Using words and emotion to create our reality is a great tool to have for preparing for any and everything. Get the week started in whatever way you wish, by making it clear beforehand. This can be done through meditation, prayer, journaling, and many other creative ways.

2. Balance staying in the moment with wise preparation.

Staying in the present is always key, but there are times when brushing against the past or dipping into the future can be helpful. Giving a quick thought to what time you’d like to rise the next day or what items need to be in place for a smooth transition are other times when thinking ahead is healthy.

3. End your day with quiet time or something relaxing.

Make the last thing you do before going to sleep something that brings your mind and body peace. This helps with a restful sleep, and gets the body ready for an easy going rise. When we are relaxed, centered, and rested, it’s much easier to navigate those daily responsibilities and demands. This practice also aids with emotional balance, as it resets the spirit for clarity & helps us practice self-care.

4. Never let something that brings you down be the last thing you look at or think about before closing your eyes.

Those texts, emails, direct messages on social sites, pictures, and news stories should never be on our minds before we sleep. Anything that lowers our vibration before we sleep will create a state of unrest within our subconscious. Power down and remove electronics from sleep area. This really helps with the energy in the morning, and you’ll be able to tell the difference. It may take some discipline at first, if you’re used to sleeping with your phone on or near you.

5. Do a quick energy cleanse of your home or living space.

Clearing your home of negative and stale energy sets the tone for your rest and rise. You may sage, burn cleansing, quality incense, or even reiki the areas that need it. Always be sure to allow fresh air in to help with the cleansing process.

Whenever your “week” begins, may it be a peaceful transition.

One Love & A Revolution to YOU

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