Last Quarter Moon Reflections: A Self-WORKsheet

Peace, Divine Ones!

We are back with another Love Revolution Blog SELF-WORKsheet in our last quarter moon phase, again. Isn’t it beautiful how we cycle through our transformations, and even the slightest elapse of time offers completely new energies? Anyways, if you haven’t already received the universal message of rest and relaxation, then now is the time to get to it. For one person, resting may be completely different than the next, but as long as you are honoring your soul by taking time out to replenish yourself, then all is well. Before we reach the rising new moon next week, on June 13th, we may feel the deeper call to draw within. We may not feel as outward with our expressions, and we may also feel like there are many messages trying to get to us. Listen closely and pay attention to the signs as you grow closer to your innermost voice.

We’ve created this SELF-WORKsheet to help us in the reflect, relax, rest, and reap period. If you are just now joining in on our worksheets, know that they are just self-guided questions that can be used during your silent time. They are perfect for pre/post meditation, rituals, or just to help get your spiritual thoughts organized for deeper introspection.

Enjoy the journey!

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  1. Do I recognize when my body or spirit needs rest, and if so, what are my personal signs?
  2. What can I do to honor myself more, especially when I know that I need to rest?
  3. What are 3 things that I can do daily, to increase my self-care? (include things like, “how much time do I need?”, and “where is my favorite place to be when I have some time to myself?”)
  4. Why is it important for me to take time in my resting place?
  5. From the last time that I spent deep reflection time on my journey, what areas do I recognize change?
  6. What have I been manifesting and what Am I going to reap over the course of these next 5 days?

These questions are to help strengthen our vision and our trust in divine timing! If you enjoy writing, then you can jot them down in your time with self, or if you tend to be more vocal with your expression, then you can also share them with someone else! Trust that as you nurture your soul, and deepen your self-awareness, many things become clearer. Resistance becomes less, and your flow increases.

May your spiritual alignment offer openings that you never even imagined. Take it easy, and always remember to do what elevates your soul!

Happy last quarter moon to you!


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