Weekly Message 6/4-6/11

Living in the moment, we are here, right now. Welcome yourself to your soul space, and allow in the messages that are meant to reach you. What is yours, take it with thanks. What is not for you, leave it for the next soul that needs to intercept.

After clearing energy for this week’s reading, I asked Universe to deliver a thorough message for the soul that is drawing within to find their answers in life, right now. I shared with the cards the intent of an uplifting, yet holistic, oracle for all.

This is what the answer came to be…


“Stepping into a greater version of self, through releasing, exploring, learning, initiating, and healing self.”


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   Card 1, can be paired with Monday or used as an overall message for the week ahead.

Kyanite Blue~ Letting Go: This is the perfect message following the flow of the waning moon, as we are also called to let old, stagnant things go. Monday, Moonday, the day ruled by our Beloved Moon, is also the day of emotional energy. Feeling what is inside of you, and living it out. Letting go draws us nearer to who we are meant to be. It rids blockages, it teaches lessons, and it activates total healing. The kyanite crystal also energizes our throat chakra, unlocking our power to speak freely.
So this week, keep to your mission of letting those old things go. You are open to receiving new, divinely timed + orchestrated blessings.



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Card 2, can be paired with Tuesday or used as an overall message for the week ahead.

Sunstone~ Empowerment: This crystal (of the solar plexus) provides us with energy of an on-fire willpower. It’s potent message revisits us as we continue to step into our own power. This week, give thought to yourself basking in your total alignment, and living in that space daily! What can you do for yourself, to lead a lifestyle in your divine flow, doing what you love most, and never experiencing the illusion of lack. Let go of frustration, worry, and stress. The sunstone crystal is also known to give way to rebirth and transformation. Allow yourself to be so empowered that you create new energy aligning with your Highest.



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Card 3, can be paired with Wednesday or used as an overall message for the week ahead.

Crocoite~ Sexuality:  Paired with the sacral chakra, crocoite connects us with the universal life force energy seated at the base of our spine. This medicine directs our attention to our creative expression and sexuality. We have drawn this card into our weekly message as a call to unblock any clouded areas within our system. If there are any blockages around sex, sexuality, or personal restrictions, then this energy will allow you to open up and explore what it means to clear those blocks, and to heal from them. Your creativity, self-expression, and sexual self are all free.


Tiger’s Eye~ Courage: Pay attention to the opportunities for revealing your courage this week. The tiger’s eye crystal is one that offers a deep sense of courage, as it pushes the will power to divine limits. If there are situations that call you to light the way, you may learn or teach the art of communicating through a challenging situation or disagreement. Be open to the energy of your truth, and give thanks for that gift. You are prepared to navigate a challenge with swift spiritual stamina.


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Card 4, can be paired with Thursday, or used as an overall message for the week ahead.


Lapis Lazuli~ Past Life: Touching our third eye and crown, lapis is a stone of spiritual awakening. Its energy opens us up to a deeper awareness of self and life. It also enhances our psychic gifts and powers, while helping us to rid our souls of karmic ties. This week, you my feel a desire to connect more with your spiritual side, leading you to seek new knowledge, or even go back and review something that you have already learned. Either way, honor your soul’s desire to grow. Tune into the messages throughout the week that point you back to your Source. If you are inspired to know more about your past life, and where you come from, then ask Universe to provide you with the perfect opportunities for this knowledge.

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Card 5, can be paired with Friday or used as an overall message for the week ahead.



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Card 6, can be paired with Saturday or used as an overall message for the week ahead.

Agate~ Healthy Body: We are being reminded that a healthy body comes with healing thyself. What does this mean? It means that when we commit to our own healing, we begin to see and know how to deal with imbalances- internally and externally. Agate crystal awakens our natural connection with the universe’s divine energy that lives in us. It also helps us with grounding and restoring our auras. This week, we may feel the urge to follow your inner voice about something dealing with our personal health, be it spiritual or physical. Listen to yourself. Trust your own wisdom when it comes to what you need. Most of the time, we have the answer to our own healing journey, if only we tune in and listen. Be aware this week, and forevermore.


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Card 7, can be paired with Sunday or used as an overall message for the week ahead.

Fluorite~ Learning: The crystal for a good study. Be open, this week, to learning new things. To seeing things from a new perspective, and to exercise your self-restoration. There will be many opportunities for new knowledge, both shared and received. Think about what you’ve learned, and what you love. Connect with your inner being, and recall what your experiences are teaching you. Learn, this week. In all ways and all possibilities. Elevate yourself!




So remember the messages for this week, and carry them with you as tools for self-reflection & alignment, if they apply.

May we keep stepping into our power, until we are there. Again, and again, limitless beings!

The Love Revolution Blog


Cards pulled from Rachelle Charman’s “The Healing Oracle Crystal Reading Cards” deck.

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