10 Ways to”be gentle with yourself”: A Series on Mental Health & Spiritual Wellness

Feel the goodness of the words, “be gentle with yourself.”

Translate it so that your soul understands what it means for your own experience.

The purpose of being gentle with self is to honor our present path. It is to acknowledge who we were, who we are, and who we wish to return to…who we are becoming. Gentleness is not associated with a masculine or feminine nature, contrary to common belief, so understand that both men and women can take something away from this

May these soul reminders provide a sense of guidance and self-reflection for everyone who seeks.

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  1. Set your intention for the day, without judgment or limit on self.

    In other words, when you begin your day, make it known what you are looking to feel, see, do, and have happen for yourself. Even if it is to only make it through, then set that intention. No judgement. No limits.

  2. Release guilt, in full.

    Any of those sneaky feelings of guilt that creep up from fear and trauma, be intentional in letting those go. It’s ok to feel them, too. Feel them, and then when they come, identify them, and choose to see them out of your spiritual space. Saying things like, “I will not let this feeling of ______ take over me, today.” This also goes for any other recurring feelings or emotions that you may tend to struggle with! When you feel them, come out of yourself, and declare that you want them gone!

  3. Create and enforce your moment of solitude.

    No matter what. If you are always surrounded by people or things, and you never get a break- make one. If it’s 5 minutes in a place that brings you comfort, or if you must create a place within yourself, then do it.

  4. Honor your boundaries.

    Honor the parts of you that need space. If you need time to recharge at any moment in your day, then take those moments, and never let anyone or anything (including your own voice), tell you that it is not normal. You also honor your boundaries by expressing them to people who do not know, so that your needs are clear. Even if others do not honor your boundaries, you honor them to the end. Do not compromise for the comfort of anyone else, because right now, you are practicing being gentle with self.

  5. Do something that brings you a sense of deep rest and peace, even if only for a moment.

    If you like to read, but feel like you never have time, then you being to change your behavioral patterns by doing them in small fragments, until they are a part of your new routine. For the reading example, insert some book time at least 2 minutes a day, at first. Over time, you will begin to see just how necessary and valuable this time is, and you will not give it up once you see that it’s possible to have it.

  6. Release the pressures around time.

    If you find that obsessing over the clock and time constraints keeps you under unnecessary stress, then be conscious in your reactions to time. You can’t be gentle with yourself if you are creating pressure on yourself at the same time. Trust that only YOU can free yourself from time-related stress. There is an unlocking that occurs when you tap into your divinity, and realize that you create what you want, including your feelings about getting things done. Realize that whatever controls you related to time, can be cleared, if you choose to work on it. Be easy, let time be time, and let it not control your every movement.

  7. Touch a part of yourself, with mindfulness.

    Literally, when you are getting dressed, brushing your teeth, washing your face, showering, be intentional, for a moment when you touch any part of your body. Whatever comes to mind when you touch yourself, let it pass through. Focus on how you feel, literally, and emotionally when you connect with your physical self. Send yourself love to all the laces in your mind and body that tell you you aren’t enough.

  8. Breathe some fresh air, if only for a moment.

    Regardless of weather, temperature, or your circumstance, allow the air to flow through you each day. This force of life helps us to generate energy, while also purifying us. It’s free. You can crack a window if you don’t want to go outdoors for whatever reason, but just be sure to connect with this natural medicine daily. (Also, feel your elements, and what are you most connected with. If it’s fire, burn a candle. If it’s water, touch or drink some water. If it’s earth, plant your feet there.)

  9. Sit down, comfortably.

    And breathe deeply, at least once. Just do it. Anywhere. Inviting breath into your body clears, detoxifies, and energizes. This small act can help with re-alignment and focus. Back to self.

  10. Stay in the present moment.

    Even if you have to redirect yourself back to present, then do it. Being gentle on yourself can be cultivated through the process of mindfulness and staying present. Thinking about the next day, week, month, year takes away from all that is happening right before you. When we practice this idea of living in the moment, we give up the control that breeds anxiety.


Be gentle with yourself, now. Keep going. Reset as many times as needed. Create your own, and go for it! 


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