Weekly Message May 28th- June 4th

Divine Light!

Back again with the weekly message, and we expect that the past week was one of prosperity for you! There were probably a few lessons last week that brought clarity for you, if that is what you set your intention on. The forecast for this week brings the energy of career focus, income & wealth, and even some warnings that call us to listen to ourselves more. Always remember that with these general readings, you take what you need, and leave what you don’t.

“May this space be cleared of all personal, stagnant, and lower energies that do not serve our Highest. May this reading provide clarity & messages for The Divine in every soul who seeks. May a piece of this message resonate with all beings on the path of self-healing and enlightenment.”

Tune in, and enjoy!


“Breaking barriers & ridding blockages for ultimate physical & spiritual success.” 

Made with Square InstaPicThe first card pulled is the knave of pentacles, which represents our finances, commerce, creative ideas, and business. We have drawn this card to speak to our personal career & life purpose endeavors. If there is a business/career move that you’ve been thinking about, then keep forward with your ideas! Now is a good time to revisit, or strengthen, all of your ideas that will bring you wealth. Especially connected with our soul purpose, this card is calling us to align with what sets our souls on fire, and it will surely bring us good fortune. Abundance flows to those who ignite their will power, creativity, and remain genuine in their passions. If you tend to doubt business ideas that come to you, then it is time to stop doubting! This week is perfect for sorting our those next moves, creating solid plans, writing things down, and setting intention for them to unfold just as they should. Also, be careful not to share every move that you would like to manifest, because this takes away from the energy that you could be using to craft it. No limits, only trusting and knowing that what you desire will come to pass in Divine time.

Made with Square InstaPicThe 10 of chalices– a happy union, harmony, comfort, abundance & everlasting love. This card found its way into the weekly message as a glimmer of hope, a confirmation, that harmony with another soul is on the brain. Two wholes, joining as one. If you are already in a union with the love of your life, then you are now preparing for the next thing that you two are manifesting together. Know that whatever it is, Universe is sending it your way. Always remain open, and ready to receive. If you are not in a romantic relationship, then this card could be speaking to a possible union in your near future, if you are seeking. Is the person who you spend most of your time with elevating you? Are they feeding your spirit good things? A part of living in abundance is allowing love to flow through you, from you, and back to you. Believe that whatever and whomever you deserve will arrive, when you are truly ready. Keep trusting, and keep loving on self in the meantime. Unions with soul mates and loved ones help us grow, while also amplifying our powers, if the person is in alignment with us. Are you ready for what is next? Use this week to clear space in your mind & soul for this.

Made with Square InstaPic

The Empress takes action. She is associated with fertility, birthing new ideas, creativity & intelligence. No matter if you are man or womb-man, you have the power to create what you desire. The sun in the card connects with our solar plexus and sacral chakra, which are the two energetic centers of will power & creativity. This week, allow your action-oriented self to flourish! Think about what you are “birthing” with your thoughts, everyday habits, and energies that you allow in your personal space. The power of the week ahead, along with the planetary shifts, will fuel us with more fire to cultivate our soul-passions. This will also connect to the career/financial/love abundance themes for the week! Use it up!
Made with Square InstaPicThe 7 of wands, dependence, allegiance to self, perseverance, going after your desires. This card sends us the message of keeping up the fight, but not by fighting physically. The fight that we may endure this week could be in the form of blocks to our forward movement on certain projects or ideas. Instead of wasting energy fighting other forces, including self, it is time to cling more to our inner-source. Having allegiance to our soul’s calling, and what we are passionate about most, will help us overcome any obstacles that seem to show up this week. Sometimes, when we are building our foundations for success, we have to do it alone (physically, because we are never truly alone in our journey), or with minimal people in our space. Don’t give up, this week, if you reach points that seem like you are supposed to turn around and go backwards. Only forward movement. Depend deeper on self, and trust that you are traveling in the right direction.


Made with Square InstaPicKing of pentacles, riches, intelligence, practicality, success, and ambition. Whew.

Did you feel all of that?

Are you aligned with your own “king of pentacles”….

This card revealed itself as a confirmation for the themes of success, wealth & abundance. The messages sometimes come in different forms, through different cards, and with different frequencies, but they always reveal truth. This week, focus on your spiritual success, which gives way to all other successes in your life. Wealth and worldly riches naturally flow to those who remain open and in the know that lack is not real. If you’ve been struggling with any form of lack, then now is the time to release that. Forever. Use this week’s moon energy to let go of all hindrances to your own success. May the king of pentacle power be with you.
Made with Square InstaPic
9 of wands is for protection, intuition of danger, and clearing the path of blockages. It is within our soul’s power to defeat any an everything that stands in the way of our freedom & success. Observe the people, places, things, and thoughts that make you feel defeated. Observe anything that feels like a threat to your optimal living. When you have an idea of these things, or if they arrive this week, understand that your intuition is at work. Your intuition is built-in protective measure that alerts you when something is not right. It can also act as a messenger for us to know what to receive, and what to release from our energy fields. Make way for the clearing of your path, if it feels like there is always something blocking you from moving forward. How can you do this? You can meditate with the intention of blockages to be revealed. You can do writing exercises, as a means of organizing your thoughts & releasing them. You can do anything that your intuition is telling you to do, so that forward movement is achieved. You can do it!
Made with Square InstaPic2 of chalicesdesires, balance, artistic affinity, imbalances that need to be smoothed out, the power of two entities coming together. This card is loaded with many meanings, but for the sake of the weekly reading, we will focus on the theme of balancing our and smoothing out anything that is not in harmony with our vision. The ankh (pictured on the left of the card from this viewpoint) represents eternal life, in simplest terms. The flint blade, pictured on the right of the card from this viewpoint, symbolizes protection & retribution. When we acknowledge our power as co-creating beings, we tap into the limitless blessings that life provides us. There must be a balancing that occurs, however, when we put to death anything that stands in the way of our limitless power. For some, this could be the brink of stepping into who you were meant to be. If you’ve been allowing fear or uncertainty block you from fully sharing your light, your story, with others, then it is time to unlock those doors, and step into them. Be sure to close them behind you, because they will not be needed in your new era. This is the perfect card to wrap up the reading for the week, because it leaves us with a space for self-reflection. Now is the time to tune into your innermost self, and think about what you need most, right now in your journey.


May you seek, and find, everything within yourself. That is where the answers are. That is where the key is.


Peace & A Love Revolution

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This week’s cards were pulled from the “Egyptian Tarot,” artwork by Silvana Alasia

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