The Love Revolution Blog Giveaway!

Peace & Self-Healing to You!

We are hosting a giveaway for our new FacebookInstagram page, and we almost forgot to extend the entries to those who would like to participate here! As we continue to grow, and cultivate new content, we would like to thank those who have supported thus far, and we would like to get the word out to more people!

We will be keeping the giveaway open until tomorrow night, Tuesday, May 29th, (full moon, ooooo), and it will close by 11pm PST. We will do a live raffle over on our Instagram page, and announce the winner(s)! You never know how many will win, so get your entries in!

Made with Square InstaPic Here’s what’s up for grabs:

  • 1 free reiki-charged crystal, which I will choose based on a reading and your intentions.
  • A 30 minute tarot reading
  • A 15 minute intuitive self-healing consultation/ coaching session. This session is a valuable opportunity to talk about some of the spiritual/physical/mental/emotional challenges on your journey, and what best fits YOUR needs to begin self-healing. We talk about methods and small life-hacks that help you get back in alignment with your source. 
  • A special “shoutout” on our IG & Facebook page to help you get more traffic to your own business or blog, if you desire.

Here’s how to enter & win:


  • You must be subscribed/following our site, and if you are on Instagram, please follow there too! We will follow back 😉
  • Share one of our posts that you enjoyed reading on your social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Be sure to tag us or include us in the post, so that we can see it!
  • There are separate instructions for Instagram, if you would like to participate through that page instead, but you do not have to do both.


Easy! Set your intentions, if you would like to receive, and watch what happens!

If you have any questions about entry, feel free to comment on this post! Stay tuned for the Weekly Reading, coming up next. 

-The Love Revolution


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