Weekly Oracle 5/21-5/28

Peace to you, Divine Soul, and welcome to another week of new messages for the soul! The energy surrounding us this week is full of passion, initiative, action, preparation, and clarity as Motha’ Moon waxes in her first quarter phase. For the full astrological scope of how the week may affect us, visit cafeastrology.com, which is an amazing source for all things in planetary motion.

The intention has been set for us to receive a soul message that will guide us through our self-reflection this week, so let’s see what the cards have to say!

Open, and receive.


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Our first card, which can represent the first of the week (if it speaks to you that way) is Brazilianite. This crystal aligns closely with the solar plexus and the crown, as it empowers us to relinquish any control that we are holding onto. The message of flexibility encourages us to take action with any decisions or projects that have been lingering, but it also reminds us to trust the flow of The Divine. If you have plans this week, or if you have set your intentions for something to happen, be open to the many possibilities! Don’t let rigidness or the ego’s tendency to control things get in the way of the receipt of your blessings. Allow the energy of this medicine to enhance your creativity, and to open you up for limitless possibilities!

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Before I pulled the cards for this reading, I had this amazonite stone sitting on the table, and it had just finished charging in one of my flower pots! Gratitude, Universe, for synchronicity. 

Amazonite, falling in the place of Tuesday for this week, calls us to think about our life purpose. Have you given thought to what it is you were sent here to fulfill? If you already know your life purpose, are you living it in full? Have you stepped into your power? This week will have us thinking deeply about what we are creating with our thoughts, and how those thoughts align with our mission. The energy will also inspire us to take action on any projects that have brushed across our mind’s palette. Crystal wise, amazonite energizes our solar plexus and crown (just like our friend, brazilianite). Will-power and high spiritual consciousness are both amplified when we work with this crystal, so that we can better manifest our desires. Connect deeply with your source, and ask yourself what you are doing to share your gifts and purpose with those around you!


Made with Square InstaPicChrysotile is a unique crystal resonating with our base and crown chakras. This one connects us with the universal messages delivered by animals. Chrysotile helps us with honesty, letting go, and growing closer to our inner powers, just to name a few (click on the picture to learn more about the crystal, if you’d like). This week, pay attention to any energy that speaks to your spirit through animals- whether it be a picture, a little friend showing up in your home or work space, or anything of the sort. The Universe provides us with answers, and connects us to animals so that we can better understand parts of self & our journey. If you haven’t discovered your animal totem yet, then now is a good time to ask your guides about it! A simple meditation with the intention of receiving animal messages will bring you many answers. Try it out!

Made with Square InstaPicScolecite (one of the crsytals we posted about this week on Instagram! (You can go to the post by clicking on the picture) is the stone of peace, as it offers powerful medicine to the heart chakra and up. It aids in meditation, accessing memories for healing, and vibrating in your Highest. The cards are telling us to live out our peace, daily. This intentional act will require us to rid the self of all things that bring us worry, stress, and illness–all rooted in fear and lack. Our message is to dissolve all fear, so that we can truly live in peace! Let it be so, this week, and always!

Made with Square InstaPicOn Friday falls the day of Venus, and what better day than that to devote ourselves to love. It is through this vibration that we are easier able to manifest what we desire, because we are true in intention. Of course, manifestation is the theme for the week, as we are waxing with Motha’ Moon, and seeing what we know come to life. Libyan gold tektite is a crown-chakra stone that is perfect for the power of co-creating. It also helps to release that fear that we were speaking of with the last card. Letting go of any obstacles in the way of our truth and power is what this message is telling us. We can have exactly what we want when we are aligned with our most authentic soul source. Shall we proceed.

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This master card, soul connection crystal (usually a quartz of some kind), is food to all of the energy centers in our fields, as it invites us to receive love, compassion, and self-healing on all levels. The message is simple, yet powerful. We must give thought, this week and beyond, to our oneness with self. We must pay honor to our wholeness. This means, committing (and growing in this commitment) to our self-healing. It is through this realization that we open up our entire heart space for unconditional love. So, if love has been on your brain lately, then understand what it means for you, first. If you are already united with self, then you will begin to recognize a shift in the air as the arrival of a deep soul connection will soon be true for you. Finally, if you are already united with self and your divine love, then this message is telling you to deepen the connection with your loved one, and feel the harmony that comes of it. Be open to love, and be love.

Made with Square InstaPicKunzite, for a Sun{day}, and everyday this week. This crystal penetrates the heart chakra, as is gives us the energy to love self on the purest level. The card of self-love is telling us to completely heal our hearts of trauma that blocks us from receiving and giving unconditional love. By doing so, we unlock our doors, and we become the love for ourselves that we seek in others. This energy invites in the flow of compassion, synchronicity, and deep awareness of self, as we learn to embrace our entire being in physical and spirit. This is what The Love Revolution Blog is about, and the message flows freely to all who receive! Now, go love on yourself.


It is with thanks that I allow Spirit to share messages that are not only for you, but for us. Gratitude.

May this week bring flexibility, life-purpose, animal love, peace, manifestations to fruition, love, and the deepest self-love.

The Love Revolution Blog




Rachelle Charman’s, “The Healing Oracle Crystal Reading Cards”



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