Weekly Tarot Message: 5/14- 5/21

Peace, Divine Souls!

We are entering another portal of new beginnings with the rising new moon to come tomorrow, Tuesday, May 15th. As we rise on a Monday (Moon day), may we come to connect with ourselves on a deeper level, check in on what we have released over the past few weeks, and create space for new manifestations! This week’s reading reflects the themes of cycles, releasing, and abundance. Always remember that the readings are just forecasts that speak to our souls, providing signs and messages that we are to collect for our own journey.

Here goes.


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The first card drawn, the Seven of pentacles, represents recuperation and gain. If you have been working hard at something, giving your spiritual, mental, or physical energy to manifesting something for yourself, then this week, you will begin to see the profit from your diligence. The road may not have been easy up until this point, but this week’s energy is perfect for reaping your harvest! Prepare for this time of recuperation and gain by recognizing all signs and messages that meet you. From small things, to more blatant blessings, let nothing go without gratitude.

Get ready.

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Of course, since this week marks another new moon, the cards would like us to acknowledge our cycles, visions, and dreams. “The Moon” card is all about our spiritual awareness. Falling in the second space in the spread, which is also representative of Tuesday (surprise, isn’t it amazing how energy works?), we may be called to reflect on any emotions that keep coming up. This message is calling us to pay attention to our visions, dreams, disappointments, and any recurring themes that show up for us to handle. Another important message to receive through “The Moon,” is the release of fear, illusion, or deception. If there are things about self or relationships that do not appear to be as they seem, then it may be time to do what you must to find your truth, or to let go of whatever holds you in your own lower space. If you’ve been struggling with insomnia, fear, anxiety, or confusion about something, then seek clarity this week- for good.

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The Nine of Chalices rests in Wednesday’s space, representing satisfaction, physical health, and positive energy. After Tuesday’s rising new moon, we should feel energized, clear, at peace, and full of good energy. This card is one of relief, if we embody the positive energy that we would like to receive in return. Take a deep breath in. Take a deep breath out. All is well. All of the introspection and self-work is going to pay off, and there will be many moments of relaxation and serenity to come. Pay attention to the break on Wednesday, and use it to your advantage.

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The King of Chalices brings us the message of emotional balance and maturity, among many other medicines. If you have been challenged with setting boundaries for yourself, or with maintaining emotional balance, then this week is a good one to acknowledge and work on building your strengths. This king is diplomatic, level-headed, business-minded, and orderly. If any of these characteristics are what you see or need, then open up the space within to receive. Another neat way to interpret this message is the arrival of a male energy that will help during a time of challenge. Try not to be rigid in who or what this energy may be, as the Universe delivers exactly what we need in divine timing. Pay attention to your emotions, business movements, and help given this Thursday.

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The Two of Pentacles in this deck is attributed to the “power of Thoth,” which invokes order and healing. Falling on the Friday space in this spread, this could very well mean that Friday will bring forth deep healing vibrations so that your personal balance an order can be returned. Family, friends, love, and your own spiritual well-being are the perfect themes for the Venus energy that Friday brings. Focus on all thing that bring you peace and passion, this week, especially on Friday. Rest in the belief that you deserve peace in all areas of your life.

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The Five of Swords holds themes of defeat, conflict, battle, and surrender. On one hand, if you have been experiencing conflict between a certain someone (or yourself), then it is time to recognize the areas of resistance. Sometimes, our battles are won when we step back and recognize what it is we are doing wrong. Surrendering is also another important aspect of this week. If you’ve been too dependent on controlling things, then letting go of this control can open the way to new opportunities. Pay attention to conflict that my arise within or between others, and realize where you stand. Remove yourself from any discord, and focus on your own interest, this week.

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The final card for this week’s reading is the Ace of Chalices, which represents ABUNDANCE, JOY, and NOURISHMENT. What a way to wrap up a powerful, energizing, week. You are in the perfect position for an overflowing cup right now. Be reminded of your highest self, and everything that serves that place in your soul. Be reminded, and be willing to receive abundance on all levels. If a genuine love is what you seek, then live as if you have it already within. If wealth, money, business opportunities, or inner peace are on your soul’s menu, then have those things. Trust and know that you are deserving of everything that you want and need- and that these things never run out.

Wrapping up this week’s reading, I would like to encourage you to join me in the journey of healing & strengthening your spiritual stamina. Believe that you can have the life that you desire. Believe that you can be free from your past traumas, and anything that feels heavy. Believe that this week is about to bring forth abundance in every way.

Watch what happens!


Gratitude, Love & Light.

-The Love Revolution Blog


Source of this week’s tarot reading is from my first and favorite “Egyptian Tarot” deck by Lo Scarabea, artwork of deck by Silvana Alasia. I have worked with this deck for over a year now, and I am  just now getting a grasp of the deeper messages and meanings! Wondrous. 

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