A SELF-WORKsheet: Last Quarter Moon Release Check-In

As Motha’ Moon wanes in her last quarter, headed to her newness in Taurus next week, you may feel the pushes and pulls of change. Our bodies, minds, and spirits are adjusting to the release, and preparing for the new changes that are among us. It is also common to feel more introverted than whatever is your norm, because the waning moon is reflecting less light with her position among the planets. This is not a bad thing, especially if you intentionally released some emotional weight during the last full moon. If you are committed to your self-work and self-healing, then you may give thought to how your release has gone.

Are you noticing a difference in your reactions to things?

Are you noticing a change in your daily routines and thought processes?

Are you noticing the shifts that have occurred after you have removed a certain someone or habit that was not serving you?

I personally find it so encouraging when I reflect on my journey, and when I begin to feel the energetic shifts for myself. The only way to know and understand these shifts, however, is to be intentional in acknowledging and letting them go. So, in honor of our self-healing journey, here is a quick check-in that can be included in our rituals, meditation, or self-care regimen.

(If you haven’t checked out the previous moon self work-sheets, then feel free to go back in the archives and use those for any other upcoming moon phases that you may honor.)

Grab a pen, some paper, and center yourself accordingly with no distractions. Now is a time to go deep within self. I like to find an inspiring place, clear the area by smudging before and after, and then reflect on my journey. You may use this guide up until the balsamic moon, which is what occurs right before the new moon rises.

Dig in!


Collage 2018-05-09 13_27_18

Now that you have been gentle, yet honest, with yourself, you have grown closer to your genuine essence.

Give thanks and honor yourself for this!

It can be challenging for many of us to do the work that needs to be done, largely because we may still struggle with parts of our ego. When we are overcome with ego, it is easy for us to think that we do not have anything to heal from or to work on. We may even tend to be self-victimizing in our daily lives, or to blame outside circumstances on our every state. There may even be wounded parts of us that suffer silently, because of past trauma, which cultivates room for mental health issues that we think we can’t heal from. Our spirits call us to release whatever holds us captive, so that we may be free to be who we are meant to be.

So that we may share our light with all who need.

May the journey continue. Happy 4th quarter moon on the way to new to you.

Peace, Healing, & A Love Revolution



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