Soul Reminders for Surviving Your Transition

We have all traveled through transitions in this life, whether it be physical, spiritual, or emotional. Maintaining a sense of grounded self can be challenging as we go through these new changes. You may notice that the healing involved in a spiritual transition feels and looks like what you have been going through in daily life. Things like divorce/breaking up with a significant other, death, traumatic accidents, illnesses, moving, changing jobs, having children, and awakening to a new set of beliefs are just a few life events that require spiritual stamina. When we spiritual beings take ourselves through shifts, we endure battles that are often unseen to the naked eye. After all, everything is rooted in the spiritual! These are just a few of my soul lessons that I have gathered (some are still ongoing lessons) to share with those who may need some relief or insight into what is happening, and how to get through it with the support of your highest self.

  1. Never lose sight of where you are headed. If you don’t know where you are headed, then the transition is the time to go within and figure it out. Many times, we are in spaces of change so that we can align ourselves with our highest, if we so choose to follow through. For example, if you just released a close friend or lover, then you did so for a reason. Hopefully, the foundation of that reason is rooted in self-love. If you left a toxic situation, then as you are traveling to new territory in your life, never forget that you are stepping into a better life for yourself. If your decision is not clear, but Universe just made the release inevitable, then be grateful that you are now able to transform into a better version of you! By remembering the essence of your path, you will naturally be reminded to keep pushing.
  2. Stay in the moment. But wait, you just said to never lose sight of where I am headed. Yes, we must always remain rooted in our truth, and where we would like to see ourselves, but we must also become deeply acquainted and thankful for where we are in the moment. Expressing gratitude for all that we are making it through. Learning how to live a life of gratitude daily Is crucial to the progress of our soul work. It is all apart of the lesson, until we fully live what we are practicing.
  3. One thing at a time, take it easy. If you find that there are too many pieces to your puzzle of progression, then always remember to do one thing at a time. Day by day. Moment by moment. There is no sense in overwhelming yourself with all the details of what you will do next, and how you will get it done.You can still set your intention without the need for control. I call this divine, effortless planning: having in your spirit what you would like to come to pass, but not allowing this to cause anxiety or worry. Be gentle with self, which can also mean letting things be as they are, while you survive your challenging times.
  4. Go alone. Get comfortable with it. True enough, having a family or a tribe is helpful and necessary, but by travel alone, I mean be comfortable making moves and seeing yourself to your next phase without the NEED to share every step with others. The transitional phase is sacred. It feels like darkness sometimes, but this darkness is what molds your new shell into something more durable! Do not be afraid to sit with your darkness during your transitions.
  5. Ask for help if it does not come easy to you. Receive help openly when it is given, if you do not typically allow others to help you. Why? Because these things help our spirits grow, and our egos shrink. Times of transition can be riddled with the uncomfortable, but when we allow others to do their work on our paths, then we also create space for abundance. It’s all in the lesson.
  6. Never settle, if what presents itself to you does not align with what you KNOW is for you. Do not let anyone steer you backwards to the comfort zone. You must make it through the fire. There may be people along the journey who feel it necessary, whether by intention or not, to send you back to a space of comfort- for their comfort! Always remember that you are enduring this transition for a higher reason. Other people’s experiences and truths are not yours. Never forget.
  7. Share your thanks along the way. There will be earth angels that will be sent in the most divine times to provide you with what you need in the moment. Remaining open to your guides and angels comes along with remaining in alignment with yourself. Never take for granted even the simplest notions of support that find their way to you via strangers and familiar people.
  8. No competition– only taking your time to arrive. No rushing. Only flowing. Because, sometimes when we are in vulnerable places of change, it is so easy to look at those who SEEM to be where we would like to be in life. The problem with this is, their journey is not yours! This comparing and following others stunts our own growth. Always stay true to your own healing!
  9. Surrender. Trust and know that once you have acknowledged the purpose of your transition, you will not need to force anything. Everything will meet you and fall (or rise, as I like to say) right into place. Surrendering is an art that is learned on our journey, because we are so used to creating control over everything. We are taught that we must have a plan, and then execute the plan in a certain window of time. Surrender is leveling up to a space of complete trust and contentment with whatever flows.

From one traveler to another, I expect the completion of your transition will meet you in divine timing.

I expect that you grow into a higher you.

I expect that you know how to navigate your soul lessons.

I expect that you achieve your own mastery.

If you too are in an uncomfortable place in life right now, trust and know that you have been chosen to fulfill whatever it is you were sent here to see through.


May we get through the transition,

The Love Revolution Blog


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