Welcoming the Winter Indigo’s & Blues: Creating Your Own Light in the Dark

Have you ever, for a moment, thought about where the term, “winter blues” comes from, anyway?

Perhaps the increase in feelings of depression or sadness is associated with Motha Nature’s urge to push us back into ourselves. Things like seasonal affective disorder (SAD) begin to peak, and many people report a rise in mental health concerns around this time of the year. For this reason, it is important to remain aware, grounded, and equipped to make it through the “blues.”

Do not fret.

The blues free us from the clutches of what no longer serves us. That is the beauty in the preparation for new things. We delve into the dark places, and we find the light that we are made of.

The color blue in the auric field represents “peace, truth, and tranquility” . Indigo shades hold the meaning of our intuitive nature; our inner-mind and consciousness. Blue is also associated with our throat chakra, which reveals our spoken word and communication with others.

As the vibrant fallen leaves begin to rust and crunch beneath our feet, and the trees become bare, we may also recognize some changes happening in our moods and auras. We may hear deeper, feel more, and be drawn to more time alone. We may have the urge to rest and relax more than usual. While the creative spark does not die out, it may be kept internal as opposed to sharing outwardly with others. We might experience inexplicable feelings of shifts, especially with the lunar phases during this time. Unhealed wounds are unveiled in the winter season. If you have previously suppressed anything that needs to be dealt with, then prepare for it to surface.

Remain grounded in knowing that this, like the life we live, is all just a part of a cycle. It will not go on forever without many changes in between. You are not alone. It is for a purpose. You will make it through. Take a moment to honor yourself for your presence, and then take these points as guides for your own spirit. Remember that it is your spirit that lead you here, and your spirit that will continue to light the way. So, as you journey through this winter season, what will you do to ensure that your mental and spiritual health remain in balance?

  1. Rest when your body says rest. And release feelings of guilt about it. Energy levels could be lower than usual because of many different factors. Outside of the solar system (transitions of sun, moon, and planets) and its effect on us, we can also attribute these feelings to vitamin D deficiency. As we absorb less sunlight than usual during winter, our bodies tell us what it needs to restore our energy. Listen to it.
  2. Up the self-care rituals. When we spend more time indoors, we can also tend to ourselves a little more. Use this time to do things that make you feel good, and only you. If that means enjoying a relaxing bath, then so be it. If that means reading a good book under warm, cozy, covers, then so be it. Whatever you choose, make sure that it is carved out especially for self.
  3. Create an oasis in your living space. Now is the perfect time to get to those indoor projects that you may have been putting off over the year. Winter is the perfect time to clear space, make changes inside of your home, and create a more comfortable space of refuge. Since the season has changed, it could be a great time to show extra love to your indoor plants. If you do not have any plants, now could also be a time to purchase one or two for your home. This not only livens up your space, but it also brings forth healing, cleansing qualities to the air around you home. Enjoy other small projects to spruce up your home space, like rearranging furniture, or clearing out cluttered corners so that you have more room to breathe.
  4. Explore healthier eating/lifestyle habits. Aside from the holiday gatherings and parties, now is the perfect time to figure out what changes you can make in your diet. These changes do not even have to be anything drastic, either. They can be as simple as replacing your filters, or deciding to make a switch to alkaline water. Whatever your spirit has been trying to tell you regarding your health, winter allows things to slow down a bit so that you can really create these changes. While you are at home more, especially, it can be fun to try out new recipes.
  5. Focus on family, and specific personal goals, quietly. Hibernation time is not just sleeping the day and night away. It is a time when we are more in tune with our needs. We can use this transition to really hone in on our goals, and to prepare for what is to come. Things like family life, business ideas, and personal health are brought to the forefront with our time of winter blues. Use the blues, and do not be afraid to create these changes.
  6. Recognize the changes in your moods, and do not be afraid to acknowledge them. If there are “things” coming up for you, and you notice the rise and fall of your own mood, then do not run from it or ignore it. Instead, use this time to journal, create, talk it out, or whatever helps you to balance out. Alterations in our moods can be attributed to different factors such as, diet, vitamin deficiencies, and sleep deprivation; however, the spiritual aspect of this is nothing more than our healing cycle. Pay attention to your spiritual needs, and seek understand about what your moods are telling you.
  7. Find the beauty in nature, still. Find time for fresh air. Find time to breathe. Nature always has a lesson to teach us- a cure to provide. Even the barren trees have beauty to offer, if we take a moment to see. Recognize how clear things are without the leaves. Recognize how the birds still visit those empty branches, because they still have nests that give life. A moment out in nature once a day can make a huge difference during this season. Use the gifts that universe gives, abundantly.
  8. Find time to exert excess energy. This is such an easy way to combat those mood swings, and to restore energy. Activities like walking, jogging, yoga, indoor sports, etc. can not only boost our energetic stamina, but it also helps us to keep those moods from swinging so rapidly.


Now, breathe.

Breathe in the winter blues, and rest knowing that they, too, serve a purpose. You will make it through.



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