6 Easy Tips To Begin Your Personal Daily Spiritual Practice

What do you do each day to spend deep, meaningful, fulfilling time with your spirit?

The development of a personal spiritual practice is not only healthy for us, but it also allows us to increase our God-given powers that rest within. If you experience anxiety, depression, mood swings, restlessness, fatigue, or anything that slows down your daily progress, then you are being called to create some time for yourself. Intentional, soul-filling time. I am usually not particular or rigid when it comes to this time, but I do suggest that it is filled with minimal electronics. Meaning, not alone time watching television (although that may be a great self-care act for another time, if that is what you enjoy). Instead, I mean carving out a designated moment to get closer to your soul. Here are a few quick things to think about if you have been receiving the message to develop your own daily spiritual practice.

  1. Start off slow. Developing a new habit is a journey of its own, so enjoy the process, and do not be too hard on yourself. It can be helpful to begin with just a short period of time that you decide fits your flow. For some, it may be 10 minutes, and for others it may be an hour.
  2. Set yourself up for success. If you know that your mornings tend to be extremely hectic, then you may or may not want to create your daily practice in the early hours. It could be a challenge for you to immediately start off during a chaotic time of the day, so select a time that you know you can commit to. For others, this challenge could be a part of the journey. Perhaps morning self-time is just what you need to get the remainder of the day to slow down and be less stressful.
  3. Figure out what your “thing” will be. Meditation is not always sitting still with your eyes closed, chanting “OM.” Meditation becomes a way of life, once you have connected deeply with the universe that is inside. I say this because, your spiritual practice may be walking through nature, enjoying silence. Or, it may be doing some free-style yoga. It may be reading a spiritually uplifting book a little each day. It could also just be some therapeutic writing and reflecting, especially if your gift is the use of words. It might be sitting still. Whatever it is, find it. Try out a few different things if you do not know where to begin. For most of us, we naturally know what to do to build our own spiritual stamina, but we second-guess ourselves.
  4. Understand the “why.” Why are you being drawn to meditate or  yoga, daily? To write or read and reflect, daily? Is it for self? Or is it to reach a level of enlightenment that someone else has suggested for you? This is key in maintaining a consistent practice, because your true intentions will set the pace for your progress.
  5. Have a special place. There is no need to become too attached to this place for your time with self, but it does help to create a clear, calming, and inspiring space to spend it in. Things like altars or special rooms in your living area motivate our souls, and also bring forth good energy. The objects and elements in our spaces and homes contribute to the energy that we absorb.
  6. Just begin. Just do it. If you live in a space that is always bustling, and you have may demands placed on you, then this could feel nearly impossible, but I am here to ensure you that it is possible. And quite necessary. Don’t think about if it is right. Do not compare to the process of other gurus out there. Do not become obsessed about it, but rather, let it grow into something that you just do naturally. The point is to be purposeful in spending quiet time with the deepest parts of you.

Some days, it will be nothing, because you will listen to your spirit when it tells you to rest. To just rest, and to acknowledge that it is OK to take what you need, and to rest.

When we reclaim all things that are good for our souls, and when we are purposeful in our growth, we begin to see how easily things take shape around us. Creating and maintaining a daily practice with self is the key to unlocking doors that you probably didn’t even know existed.

Embrace your path, and go forth.



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