Heal Thyself: A Releasing Exercise

Our hands are powerful, magnetic energy centers. They have been used since ancient times to heal, and we spirit beings still possess this gift. For the last Taurus full moon, I decided to share a piece of what I learned through my naturopathic reiki certification in a 6-minute video. While this exercise can be done any time, we have approached another new moon with heightened healing energy to use for our rituals. If you have ever written down what you wanted to release, and then burned the paper, this is another method to rid the self of unwanted thoughts, behaviors, and energies. I will also include the link to the YouTube video that I created to show how this is done.

Take your time, and listen to your spirit.

Step 1. Get relaxed and grounded. Find a space that feels comfortable, and begin to draw in deep breaths, allowing your lower abdomen to expand and detract with full breaths. If your mind still feels busy, then continue to breathe until you feel calm.


Step 2. Place hands in front of heart center, and turn them outward with palms facing away from body.


Step 3. Visualize. Begin to think about and see the things, behaviors, ideas, emotions, and people that you would like to be set free from. You can visualize then in word list, images, or whatever else comes to your imagination.


Step 4. See the things released. Now, see them flowing out of your body, away from you completely. Imagine that they are flowing through your out-turned hands, and into the space in front of you, if you need to focus on a specific area. It is done. They are of your spirit no more.


Step 5. Give thanks. Allow yourself to feel gratitude for everything: for the experience, for the release, for the moment, and for the healing.


Step 6. Cleanse Space. Use this time to clean your aura, as well as the area around you. This is important spiritual hygiene, because you do not want lingering stagnant or negative energy in your space after you’ve released. You may use sage for smudging, incense, sound bowls, clapping with your hands, oil, and even purified water around your space. Acknowledge that all old energies are gone.


Step 7. Get relaxed and grounded, again.

Deep breaths. Feel yourself relax. Reset.

Step 8. Place hands on heart, with palms touching heart this time.


Step 9. Visualize & Deep Breath. Imagine yourself filling up with positive things, whatever you want those things to be. Love, peace, joy, balance, abundance, etc. You may also imagine a green light entering your heart area, which is symbolic of the hearth chakra healing.

Step 10. Speak life over self. Begin to chant, whisper, or speak these positive affirmations out loud, as you hold your hands and envision them.

Step 11. Give thanks.


Water. Drinking plenty of water is necessary since you have just dredged up a lot of “stuff” from your spirit. The water, preferably spring or alkaline water, will help to flush, hydrate, and balance out the body after you have just released so many things!

Rest. Replenishing yourself after energy work is vital. It is not only a part of self-care, but it is required in order to truly feel the effects of the shift. If you do not stop to relax, feel, and rest, then you will just quickly pile back on lower energies. Whatever resting may be to you, do it.


Listen to your spirit.

Ride the wave. Be the wave. What I mean is, use the surge of energy to your advantage. This may look like creating something new for some people, or cleaning/organizing for others. Whatever it is, make sure that it continues to elevate your soul. If you are a reiki practitioner, or if you already do a lot of energy healing work, then you can certainly add your own spin to this! Some enhancers can include crystal therapy, color therapy, and sound therapy along with your releasing exercise.


How beautiful. You have just begun (or continued) the journey of self-healing. I recognize the divine in you, and I appreciate you for visiting this post. Go in peace.


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