A SELF-WORKsheet for Manifesting New Beginnings

Peace, Celestial Souls! By now, you may or may not be familiar and comfortable with your connection to the Universe, and all of its wonders. We flow, feel, cleanse, and manifest with the vibrations of the moon’s phases (and the sun, stars, and planets- but, let’s just stick to Mother Moon for now). If you are familiar with the new moon energies, you may already know that the rise of new moons are perfect for beginning new things. As the moon begins its waxing stage, we will notice how our energies shift, as well as how rapidly our thoughts come to life. That is why is it so important to keep those thoughts in alignment with what we truly want. Over the period leading up to the next full moon, we can use these powers to catapult our manifestations. We can also use this energy to recognize our own self-growth!

Here is another quick pre-meditation guide for your personal new moon ritual.

New Moon SELF-WORKsheet

1.What projects have I been putting off lately? Why?

2.What obstacles seem to keep getting in the way of my manifestations?

3.What do I think about the most, when it comes to my future?

4.What are the things that I would like to see happen in my life, RIGHT NOW. Think, “If I could create a new beginning for myself, right now, what would it look like?”

(If you have been answering questions out loud, make sure to write this one down on paper.)


Get in your zone of peace, and set the space around you accordingly. This could include lighting candles, incense, sage, palo santo, and taking out all of your magic-hour necessities. This could also just include some peace and quiet, without anything else going on around you. Whatever places you in the depths of peace, do that. Now, calmly reflect on the answers to questions 1-3. Imagine yourself defeating any limiting thoughts, obstacles, or fears connected to your manifestations.

 See it done.

When it is time to imagine and sink deeper into your meditation, think about your answers to question 4.

 See it done.

See yourself moving in the flow of those desires, already. Feel it, also. Take as much time as you need to become one with those desires.

Keep your list of things you want to see happen in your life, and read them every day for the next two weeks, until the full moon arrives.

Watch them come to you. It will be amazing.

Come back, and comment below to share your powerful experiences!

Namaste, Divines.

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