Welcoming Autumn: A Self-Guide to Letting Go

Yes, yes, we’ve heard that we have just entered a new season. We’ve heard that we are to let things go. But, have we truly stopped and recognized the leaves in our lives that are making their way to the ground? Have we truly stopped, and thought about what we need to release to move forward in our lightest way? Letting go is easier said than done, for some of us, but always a necessary part of life. Spiritually speaking, the universe guides us through eras of growth, which may take on different forms for each individual, but they all shift us in one way or another, regardless. Understanding how we are connected to these frequencies not only allows us to move more fluidly through life, but it also helps us tune into our truest self. Here are some quick reminders to help guide us through our self-reflection during the season change. These are perfect for pre-meditation time with self, and can especially be enjoyed out in nature so that we may feel the elements while we connect with our highest self.

Note: the “why” questions are to work out the spirit. Do not become overwhelmed, or pressure self to KNOW why, right away. That is the purpose of this exercise. Take your time, and be easy on yourself.


Part I: Reflection Questions


  1. Are there people or things that are causing me feelings of: fear, stress, sadness, anger, anxiety, depression, or resentment in my life right now?
    1. Why?
  2. What am I most attached to, right now, to the point where I cannot see myself living without it?
    1. Why? (Can be people, foods, routines, objects, etc.)
  3. Are there areas in my living or work space that are cluttered?
    1. Why?
  4. What are some unhealthy habits that are difficult for me to break?
    1. Why?
  5. What am I most grateful for in my life, right now.

Now that we have dredged up all of these feelings, it is time to move into the next phase of cleansing and clearing space. After writing down and thinking about the answers to the questions above, take some deep breaths, and recognize the emotions that linger. Do not let them linger too long, but instead, use them to know what to do with self, next. For instance, if you’ve seen a pattern in your answers and emotions during this exercise, then think about what your spirit is trying to reveal to you. Is this something that needs to be healed, and let go of?

Is it time?

The following is another quick exercise/guide to a meditation and cleansing for all that we seek to release.

Part II: Meditation, Affirmations, & Cleansing

  1. Meditation: Sit in a comfortable position (preferably either laying down with arms, hands, and limbs stretched open in savasana, or cross-legged with hands and shoulders rested in sukhasana). Don’t get too caught up on poses or anything- the point here is to be both comfortable, and to be open for energy flow. Be sure to place yourself in a space that is also comfortable, open, and airy so that the energy flows easily. Your own mediation may be signature to you, so there are no instructions on how to meditate here, but, the purpose of this time spent with self is to relax the body, mind, and spirit. Allow it to work- without working it. Sink into thought, or away from busy thoughts, rather, and listen to what comes. All of our answers are found when we sit silently with self. We are intending to acknowledge, know, and understand what has been released, and what needs to be released during this phase in our life. They do not always come right away, but when we make ourselves receptive to our spirit’s messages, then we will receive them.


  1. Affirmations: To keep the positive energy flowing, and to strengthen our source within, it is helpful to speak affirmations over our lives. Here are a few for releasing.
    1. “I know what is good for my spirit, and I release everything that does not serve my highest good.”

    2. “I easily let go of habits, people, memories, thoughts, and things that do not elevate my spirit.”

    3. “I know that whatever is no more, is for a reason. For that, I am forever thankful.”

    4. “I know what to do next. I know what needs to stay, and what needs to go.”

    5. “I Am free!”

  2. Cleansing: Sweep the aura of all the debris by imagining that everything that has come up is being dusted off your body. Imagine these things going into one central location, and then imagine yourself sweeping them away from you, never to return. After this is complete, you may also cleanse the space around you with an herbal cleansing agent, such as sage, frankincense, palo santo, lemongrass, rose water/Florida water spray, incense, etc.

You are clean.

You are new.

You are free.


Give thanks for everything. The lessons. The old. The new to come.

It is time to move on.

Happy F̶a̶l̶l̶. Happy Autumn. Happy RISE.

Peace & Love Revolution

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