School Supply Drive Success

Story time: I was backing out of my driveway to take my daughter to her first day of school when a boy was walking to his bus stop. I noticed that he had a small hand-stitched satchel wrapped around his shoulder, and I had just finished packing the backpacks with all of the donated items. I asked him if he needed a backpack and supplies for school, and he gently told me “no thank you.” His humble spirit told me that he did not feel comfortable accepting anything from someone that he did not know, and that his satchel would be enough. I let him know that we collected items for the neighborhood children who needed them, and that I had a bin full of backpacks to give away. He then gave me a smile that felt full of relief and humility. “Yes, please, I do need it,” he explained. I put the car in park, ran inside, and brought out a backpack for him. He received it with so much gratitude. We communicated with loving energy and minimal words. He proudly put his backpack on, and went about his way to his first day back to school.

As you may know, we launched a back-to-school drive last month, and we are proud to announce that we were able to give to provide stuffed backpacks to about 10 families (multiple children from each) in the Clarkston, Georgia community. We just wanted to stop in, and share our gratitude to Refuge Coffee Co. for allowing us to place our collection bin in their space, and to all of YOU who stopped by or donated via PayPal to the cause! Since it was an anonymous drop-off, we may not know who donated, but we know that you will be blessed! Because of you, we were able to collect, clothes, toothbrushes, paper, binders, backpacks, and many other necessities for the school year.

If you are unfamiliar with this “Small town, big heart” city, one of the beautiful facts about it is that it is a safe haven for thousands of refugee families from many different countries. No help is too little. This seemingly small, yet largely profound, community initiative will continue to grow, and we hope that it inspires you to think of creative ways to give back to the community that you reside in. Numbers and recognition should never matter; what should matter is what comes from the heart. We have blessed, and we have been blessed in return, by the children and families who received our donations. Without a doubt, we would not have been able to provide all of these supplies without you! We encourage you to think of ways that you can use your own resources (social media, fundraising, small businesses, family connections, U.S. citizenship privilege, etc.) to help fill gaps in the very spaces that you live in as well.

Comment below, and join the conversation on how you can help in your own neighborhood! Also, if you donated to the bin, leave us a little message.

Peace & Light,

The Love Revolution




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