A SELF-WORKsheet: Preparing for the New Moon, Solar Eclipse & Retrograde Energies

We are currently experiencing another divine shift, where the planets, sun, and moon are all working to pull things out of us, and push us into new territories. Things like retrograde (may I add that Mercury is not the only planet headed backwards right now), the solar eclipse to come on August 21st, and the new moon are mixing things up within our consciousness. It may feel uncomfortable, confusing, and exhausting for some, but realize that it is natural. Our journeys call for a deeper understanding of ourselves, which is often accompanied by a host of changes. Embrace them. Prepare for them. Understand that you are the very force that drives them.

This “SELF-WORKsheet” will help to organize your spiritual flow, and exercise your intuition, as you use self-reflection to navigate the questions. In order to clear your thoughts, and prepare for the upcoming shift, it is imperative to spend time with self, and check in with your progress.

Directions: This exercise should not be stressful or anxiety-invoking. Be sure to get comfortable, ground yourself, engage in deep-breathing, and get relaxed as you enjoy this time alone in thought. Gather a pen/pencil, paper or notebook, white candle, crystals, water, sage/smudging herbs/oils, uplifting music of choice, and whatever else you use to create your peace. Take about 15 minutes to meditate, and prepare your space. Read over questions, and write your answers down. Once complete, use your smudging tool to cleanse your aura and space of any energetic debris that may have come from the exercise. Save the answers to look back on as you prepare your ritual for the new moon/solar eclipse.  

Self Work

Affirm: “I Am grounded, protected, and clear on what is best for me. I know that I Am in the right space at the right time. I know what I need to heal myself. I am prepared for what is next.”

End in gratitude.

As we move forward in the journey, may we gain continuous clarity and understanding.


The Love Revolution

Share comments below on your thoughts about the Self-Worksheet! If you complete the exercise, let us know how it went! 

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