Refuge Coffee Co.: A Place with a Cause, Good Vibes, & Style


I am a resident of a small city touching edges of Decatur and Stone Mountain, called Clarkston, GA. A unique place that feels a bit different than the bustling inner city of Atlanta. While I never planned to move here, it was not by chance that I landed my nest in this beautifully diverse place. My adventurous soul began exploring, and I stumbled across one of many jewels that this “small town…big heart” has to offer: Refuge Coffee Co.

 A simple yet stylish, chill, chic, indoor/outdoor vibe with tasty, quality products.

Comfy couches, various seating areas for work or relaxation, free WiFi, games & toys to entertain the little ones, and beautiful people all around.

This spot is more than just any old coffee shop, though. It was created with love and refuge in mind, by Founder, Kitti Murray, who believes in a “vibrant, resettled community in Clarkston, Ga.” Refuge Coffee Co. creates a place of refuge by training, coaching, mentoring, and hiring refugees. In addition to this powerful vision, the truck is expanding to create more jobs for the residents of Clarkston, by opening a full shop and roasting hub. You can also stop in to donate your new/gently used clothes that local families get to choose from before they get taken to Goodwill. Refuge Coffee CO. is always bustling with events and volunteer opportunities, so if you are looking to get involved, pay them a visit! The staff is friendly, and Kitti, the Founder, is always gracious enough to share a quick chat in the midst of her busy schedule.

Address: 4170 E Ponce de Leon Ave NE, Clarkston, GA 30021

Hours: 7am-6pm Monday- Saturday (Closed Sundays)

A Peak at the Menu

Book them for an event, support the expansion of a non-profit movement:

Create Refuge.

Call the Refuge Coffee Truck.


Also, if you haven’t heard about The Love Revolution Blog Back to School Drive, visit the “Service Projects” page to see how you can donate supplies to local families in the Clarkston, GA community as they prepare for school! We also have a PayPal donation link that we can send via email, if you are not local, and you would like to donate.

If you’re ever in the area, stop in, relax, and support.

In the words of Refuge Coffee Co.:

“Love, Peace, & Refuge.”


Let us know how your visit was below!

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