Post-Moon Healing Detox Bath

This is about business, here. Not many pretty pictures, but the message is what counts. I woke up today feeling like the cleansing process from the full moon was not quite over. It’s healthy to check in with our bodies, especially considering the toxins that we live, breathe, and consume in both physical and spiritual ways. What better way to detox and cleanse than after you’ve dredged up the stuff inside of your spirit during a major moon shift?

A morning energizing detox bath, that’s what way.

Benefits: Balances the potential Hydrogen (pH) levels, especially in the vagina and womb for my ladies. Yes, men also have a pH to maintain, so this bath goes for you as well.  It also relaxes the body, and helps to clear the mind for a productive day.
a good detox bath with also energize you, because after you’ve cleansed toxins from your body, you are open to a fresh start. Detox baths create a routine for non-negotiable self-love and self-care time.

What you’ll  need:

– 1/4 cup pure Himalayan salt
–  1/4 cup organic apple cider vinegar
– 1/4 cup Epsom salt
– 10- 15 drops essential oils (tea tree is a must, ginger, and lemongrass or grapefruit for energy)
–  clear quartz crystal(s) depending on size and cleansing needs
– A whole lot of spring or alkaline water to drink during & after


What you might want to add:

  • soothing sounds: 500+ hertz music. Just go to YouTube or any music application that you may use, and type in “meditation music, reiki music, healing music, or hertz music (525 hz, 825 hz, etc.)
  • A good book that you would not freak out over if it happened to fall in the tub, just saying…
  •  your favorite scented/unscented candle
  • incense/ oil burner/ sage
  • an open window with fresh breeze
  • green tea/ chai tea/turmeric tea
  • Oh, and more water. Lots and lots of water.
  • fresh fruit and a healthy meal afterwards
  • about 30 minutes to an hour of easy-time to relax


Bath Time! Instructions:

  1. Turn on that bath water, and make it a notch above comfortably warm. You don’t want it to scald you, obviously, but you want the water to be hot enough to make you sweat a bit. Naturally, the bath mix will draw out toxins, but the warmth of the water also gets your body’s system moving more.
  2. Pour in your ingredients in one at a time, both directly under the running water to mix, and throughout the back of the bath water full to a level that will cover most of your body.
  3. Do one last mix with the hand, sweeping the detox ingredients around in the tub. Charge your clear quartz crystal with your intent, and drop in the water. Make sure your scene is set so that you don’t have to move around much while you’re soaking and meditating.
  4. Sit back, relax, and enjoy for about 20-40 minutes. No phones or electronics, even if you want to take a nice picture to share with the world your wonderful bath time.
  5. Think about what you would like to cleanse from your body, AND how you’ll maintain your healthy state once the detox bath is done (i.e. eating habit changes, thinking habit changes, etc.). If there is a particular habit that you indulge in regularly, or to an excess, then think about going without for a day, or two. Be easy whatever is best for your growth. Plan it out, if you’re a planner. Meditate if that helps you to solidify your promises to yourself.

Aftercare Instructions:

  1. Once the soaking is complete and you are ready to be out of the tub, stand up slowly, and drain your water. If you are showering in the same tub that you’re bathing in, be sure to rinse the tub out. Rinse your own body of the sweat/salt/oils under cooler water. Do a nice aura sweep, imagining that all of the toxins and unhealthy/stale energy is gone down the drain.
  2. Drink a large glass of room temp water, asap. You’ll need to be drinking water throughout the day, too. Eat fresh fruit of your choice, and if you haven’t eaten breakfast yet, consider some oatmeal, whole grain toast, or whatever you enjoy on the healthy side. Sorry, no pancakes this time. Have some (pure, unsweetened) green tea if you’re looking to get your day started on an energetic note. Give yourself some time for your body to process the cleansing. You nay need to use the bathroom, sit down for a bit to breathe and give thanks, or just be.
  3. Go jot down any plans that may have come up during your bath time, that will help keep you in track of your healthy state.
  4. Go forth, and have a peaceful, productive, day of clarity and ease.


Affirm: “I am cleansed, and prepared for divine blessings to flow to me, as I move through my day.”


Comment below with your thoughts and tips on your detoxing routines!

Note: This information is not to take the place of your healthcare provider. Please consult your regular physician/mental health provider before using any holistic remedies that you are not familiar with. Detoxing and using Himalayan salt is also known to put pressure on the circulatory system, so if you have heart problems, please be advised before continuing. 

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