The Full Moon: A self-guide to moon rituals, Part II

“Let the energy of the moon carry you to new heights.”

Just two weeks ago, on the flip side of the gibbous, we were discussing some basics on new moon rituals. Now, we are back to share ideas on the full moon, and what it may mean for you. It’s more than just hype. It is the rise of energy, as the moon comes to full waxing motion.

Imagine, for one moment, a wave building up out in the deep ocean. Now imagine yourself standing on the shore watching the wave collect tides, water, energy…and then, it finally approaches your body. Sometimes, the impact of that wave can feel heavy.




And powerful.

This is what the full moon does to our spirit. Using the frequencies of the moon during its fullness can push us into the next level that we seek.

Since we are keeping to the basics this time around, we will not get into the astrology of the moon (Cancer), but also know that the planetary alignment has even more to do with the impact of the moon on us. Anyways, if you tune in for a moment, and reflect on what the past two weeks have felt like for you, then you may notice the very wave of emotions that you’ve experienced. It certainly feels different than the new moon phase, right? Think about your energy levels.

Have you been more tired or more active? More inspired, and creative? More intuitive? Feelings of insecurity, doubt, or fear?

Do not worry if you felt beside yourself, because that’s really you being inside yourself. Like the new moon, the full moon brings out whatever is inside, so that we may open ourselves up for a deeper understanding.

Here’s another quick list of “ritual things” to remember when the full moon is upon us.


  • The immense energy that the full moon rinses us with can sometime be overwhelming, especially if we are not grounded. During this time, it might behoove us to increase the grounding practices, such as intentionally stopping throughout our day to check-in with self. One technique that I indulge in often is earthing. I love taking off my shoes, and touching my bare feet to the earth. Feeling the elements underneath and around our feet, while imagining that there are thick roots coming out of them, and going into the ground is therapeutic. It reminds us that we are one with the earth, and that we cannot be consumed by our thoughts.

Increase Meditation

  • Quite time is always essential, but the moon may up the inner-voices, making things seem foggy if our minds are not clear. Increasing the meditation practice around the full moon energy not only develops our power and intuition, but it clears the way for all the important soul-whispers that we need to hear. It helps us understand what is best, despite the influx of emotions that we may be feeling already.

Vision boarding (as we like to call it)

  • This is not to be confused with the actual creating of your vision board. Pull out the most recent list/board/journal of what you are working to manifest, and let it flow. This is a fun mind activity that can be done anywhere, and no, you do not actually need to have the list or vision board that you created in front of you. All you need is your concentration and imagination. Begin to run through your heart’s wishes, and imagine yourself right in the midst of them. It is already done, and it feels amazing, because you’ve manifested them! Go through each sense (sight, smell, taste, touch, sound), and imagine what it will be like once you’ve brought that vision to life. The power of the full moon will charge up your visions!


Image result for kemetic law of attraction
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  • Out with the old, in with the new. Your living space, your mind, your body, and your spirit. Wash yourself, and your surroundings of the old-energy remnants. The moon can bring out stale, but very real and necessary, energy that has been sitting within, and it is time to release it all. It’s like trash day. I literally make sure that all trash in my home is emptied, and then I sage. It is symbolic of ridding my life of things that no longer serve me. Make room for more life, and clear out the junk that is inhibiting the flow of new blessings.

Night/Day-Of Full Moon Ritual Basics:

  • Refer to the previous post on new moon rituals for more details on the simple ritual process, as it is similar to the full moon work. Here is a quick list of items that may help with your personal ritual time in the moon:
    1. A blue (for your intentions and things you want to see manifest) & black pen (for your list of things to let go/release)
    2. Paper/journal to write out your intentions on. To pour out what is inside.
    3. Candle (white is perfect for clearing) to create a sacred space, and to burn that piece of paper that you write your “things to let go” on. Also, be sure to have a safe spot to dispose of the ashes or catch anything that may come from burning the paper.
    4. Smudging tool (palo santo stick, sage, resins) to burn for cleansing your aura, and the space around you
    5. Crystals for cleansing, charging up, and to use for your own energetic preference. (I.e. if you are wanting to feel more love & compassion, you may keep a rose quartz near while you work your ritual magick)
    6. Sacred space/altar, where you will conduct your ritual. A designated space is important for focus, comfort, intent, and clearing.


As with everything, I always like to remind that the best thing you can do, is to listen to yourself. Let your spirit guide you in telling you what it needs. Engaging in rituals may sound like some grand act, but it really is a part of our natural state. Our entire life is a ritual. All we are doing is building ourselves back up, and learning how to create the life that we are truly meant to live- whatever that means for you. I also feel lead to add: these moon rituals are not a religion. They are spiritual in nature, meaning, you can practice (or not practice) any religion, and still honor the energy that the universe gifts us with through the moon. May this full moon’s energy elevate your spirit!


Comment below, and share something about your full moon thoughts & practices!


Peace & Love



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