ZEN Zone: 10 tips for a high-vibrational home

  What does your home say about you?

(And, I ask that with no judgment in mind.)

Take a moment to think about how you feel when you walk through your door. Aside from the relief of not being outside, or in the place you may have just come from, how does the actual space in your home atmosphere make you feel?

What does it look like?

Is it cluttered? It is empty?

Is it bright?  Is it dark?

Is it loud? Is it Quiet?

Notice that these questions can speak to either the physical elements of your home, or the spiritual elements.

Cluttered, empty, bright, dark, loud, quiet.

They are spaces in your mind, or spaces in your home.

Our homes should be our fortresses, preparing us for when we step out, and protecting us once we step in. Our homes should reflect who we are in our healthiest place. The space should be one of personal inspiration, creativity, safety, and freedom. If you are reading this, and you are feeling like your home could use an uplift, then you have arrived. When your home is in balance, it allows you room to unfold.  Here is a nice list to get you started on your high-vibin’ home space today.

  1. Live plants. These represent life and purification. Plants and flowers are of the earth, and are natural air purifiers. We need them. Having a living, growing, healthy plant or two in the home also brings forth abundance and prosperity.


2. Crystals. Another earth element that can energize, protect, or enhance certain spaces in the home. Placing black tourmaline near your door entrances, for example, will help to protect against any negative energies. Or throw some rose quartz in your kitchen window to bring forth more love into the space while you prepare delicious meals.

Made with Square InstaPic
Note: some crystals are not meant to be kept in direct sunlight, so always research before you add to your window.

3. A clutter-free space. No, your home does not need to look like a magazine ad, but if you want the good energy to flow freely, keeping the clutter to a minimum will help. By having piles of clutter, you are not only blocking the flow of positive energy, but you are draining what energy you have left once you reenter your home. Release the things that are stagnant in your home and in your heart, and watch how much lighter your place will feel. Watch how much lighter you will feel.

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Where we prepare the food that we will feed our temples should also be treated like a sacred space. Pictured is my aloe plant, and my parlor palm- both great air purifiers!

4. Cleanliness. Keep the spaces that you occupy frequently, clean. Bathroom, kitchen, bedroom. Where you cook, where you sleep, and where you cleanse yourself should be cleared of things that hold old, stale energy.

5. Minimize electrostress. Wait, what? Yes, that is a thing. We place more stress on ourselves when we are constantly surrounded by electromagnetic radiation (and, obviously that is the world we now live in). Things like electrical household appliances, cell phones, and television/computers emit low-frequency radiation that can not only cause us stress, but also long-term illnesses. Having minimal appliances and gadgets exposed can help to raise the frequencies. We are likely not going to give up our television and appliances (the majority, at least), but at least having the home organized in such a way that these things are not always showing, can be helpful  (i.e. in cabinets, behind sliding/folding doors, out of the way from the focal point of certain rooms, out of the bedroom, etc.).

6. Lighting. How can we be the light if we are not inviting light into our homes? Natural light throughout your home can provide the perfect elevation, even on the gloomiest of days. Not only does light increase our mood, but it enlivens the spaces that it touches when it shines through the windows and doors. Another source for healthy lighting is a Himalayan salt lamp, which balances, cleanses the air, and restores energy.

Himalayan salt lamp benefits - Dr. Axe

7. Protect Entryways. Protect the inside from the outside. Be mindful of what you bring through your door. What is collected on the soles of your shoes, what energies attach to your body and spirit and then carry on into your sacred living space. If you keep mats by the doors or in bathrooms, then be sure to wash them frequently. Sweeping entry areas is another great way to keep the positive vibrations steady. Especially the mats that you step on when you come from the outdoors.

8. Aromas & Air. Adding fragrance to your home speaks to your senses, and raises the vibrations of the atmosphere. Burning resins, natural oils, natural incense, and candles are a few things that I love. I have been more particular about where I purchase these items, because of the carcinogens and other chemicals that come from many of the products that are manufactured today. Finally, open the windows for fresh air, because there is nothing like it.  Fresh air is the best fragrance. Allow the earth’s wind to carry through your home daily.

9. Sounds. Wind chimes, instruments, laughter, good music, water splashing, food sizzling. Keep these sorts of things in heavy rotation, if you want your home to share positive vibes. Sounds awaken the senses, and energize the surrounding area.

10. You. Huh? Yes, you. You are a resident in your own home. That means, before you enter your home, try to leave anything that does not serve your highest loving spirit OUTSIDE. Before walking up to your door, shed the day, the thoughts, and feelings that may have impeded on your peace. Leave work outside. Leave stress outside. Walk into your humble abode, and relax.


After reading this, take some time to survey your own home, and think about what small changes that you may be able to make to create a more uplifting home space. Do not feel overwhelmed, or like you need to go buy tons of things. Instead, make it a creative adventure, where you explore your own needs in your home.

Go for it!

Comment below and let us know what you will try, or share with us more tips on your high-vibe home!





Hale, G. (2007). The practical encyclopedia of feng shui. New York: Barnes & Noble, Inc.


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