The New Moon: A Self-Guide to Moon Rituals, Part I

“Numerous natural phenomena – the tides, birth, meteorological events, women’s menstrual cycle, and much more – are related to the movements of the moon”

-Johanna Paungger and  Thomas Poppe, “Guided by the Moon”

So, what’s with the moon thing?

If you have ever wondered what the big deal is about the moon rituals, then maybe this is especially for you. Our oneness with mother nature and her phenomenon is something that draws us to the frequency of the sun and the moon. We naturally want to know more about our nature, and about how it helped us in the creation of our tribe.  As the moon dances with the sun, so do our very own emotions. We journey in and out of phases just like our dearest moon. When we welcome a new moon, we are entering a time of planting seeds. This is a perfect opportunity for manifesting projects, ideas, creations, and relationships.

How does it work, really?

Energetically, the moon provides us with various levels of emotional outlet, which in turn may feel like a roller coaster that you did not sign up to ride. Luna is known for her divine feminine work, as she balances out our feminine half. Think about it. Our bodies are made primarily of water, and the moon controls the tides of the earth. As the moon waxes and wanes, its energy also pushes and pulls us. For instance, if the moon is waxing, it is in the process of getting bigger. When we grow, we need energy and we get more energy. When we grow, we begin to shed thing that do not fit us anymore. When we grow, sometimes there are even stretching pains. When we grow, we connect our energy to the source of what is making us grow. The time of waxing, then, is a time for these things, and having the moon there to help us focus is just another thing to be thankful for. When we align with the power of the moon during its waxing and waning, we use its powerful energy, and cause areas of our own life to shift.

We are the waves.

The ocean.

And, what am I supposed to do?

Nothing and everything: whatever your spirit tells you to do. If you went about your life without acknowledging our moon, you would still experience the messages and the pull of the energy. You may not feel, understand, or acknowledge what you are faced with inside, but it’s happening, and it won’t stop. We are constantly transforming.

If you are looking to know more about the rituals and manifesting with the moon, then there are some general, basic steps that may help you along in the beginning of this forever-learning experience.

  1. Pen & Paper. Preferably a pen with blue ink, to incite the power of your words even further. The color blue represents manifestation, power, and confidence. Write down all of the things that you want to see fulfilled in your life, including areas of career, relationships, physical health, and anything else related to self-development. Writing things down pushes the belief towards the act of fulfillment.
  2. Fire & cleansing agent: No, not a wildfire or anything like that. A candle light to create a sacred area will do. Incense, sage, frankincense/myrrh resin, lemongrass are examples of cleansing (also known as smudging) agents that help to purify the space of negative, stagnant energy. Burning these natural herb/plants, and resin also make space for positive vibrations.
  3. Crystals (ok, maybe I am getting a bit carried away, here for someone new to this). Crystals are one of the more fun and magical things to use during moons, because they work with you based on your own journey. Crystals connect us to the vibrations of the earth, each one applying healing therapy to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of the person using them. The new moon is a good time to cleanse and charge your crystals, while also meditating with the ones that align with what you seek.
  4. Affirmations. Before you begin developing your own affirmations, it can be helpful to have a few written down that you may connect with.

Examples: “I Am open to receiving unconditional love.”

“I Am worthy of prosperity and abundance.”

Reading, reciting, and believing these powerful words help us demand what we desire. They are the center of manifestation.

  1. Silence & Meditation: There are different ways to get your silence, and whichever way works best for you is all that matters. Things like yoga, meditation, reading, sitting outside away from it all, are excellent ways to reach silence so that that mind can communicate with the heart and spirit. The new moon is about exploring yourself, and making intentional time to get your life in order from the inside.

2017 moons.jpg

Of course, this just scratches the surface of the surface when we speak of moon, manifesting, and rituals; however, be not discouraged or overwhelmed. Creating your own ritual is both fun and necessary, because no one knows what you need more than YOU! Each time a new moon rolls around, you might start to find out new practices that speak to you. The main thing to take away from this is:

We are all divine, spiritual beings who are connected to one another and through the universe, and to the universe itself. The moon is just a helpful guide for us to develop our own intuition and spiritual stamina.


May you use this to connect with yourself, and to begin to hear where you will travel next in your spiritual journey. Always remember to research further on your own, and to never compare yourself with others who are on a voyage of their own. May we proceed, onward, in love.

Happy New Moon!



-The Love Revolution



  1. Thanks for the knowledge! I’ve had conversations about the moon and its phases before, but it has never been broken down in detail like this. You have me wanting to go grab a blue pen right now( and I don’t even like blue ink, lol).


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